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This week in Wichita dining: Openings, closings and tasty things to do

A new bakery is open in Wichita: Kneaders.
A new bakery is open in Wichita: Kneaders. The Wichita Eagle

Wichita has a busy restaurant scene, and unless you follow closely along at Dining with Denise and Kansas.com, you might miss some of the delicious developments.

Here’s an end-of-the-week rundown of everything we discovered in the last seven days. This recap is for the week of Sept.23-29.

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A fancy new bakery for Rock Road: It’s called Kneaders, and it opened this morning.

That colorful, crazy new shopping center at 13th and Tyler: By December, it’ll be home to four new dining options for Wichita.

River City’s brewer strikes out on his own: Dan Norton is opening Nortons Brewing Company in downtown Wichita.

Another Jimmy’s Egg just opened: There’s one on every corner.

Miri’s Mini’s is opening in College Hill: They’re the cutest little doughnuts you ever did see.


Kobe Steakhouse chefs making breakfast on Saturday: They can flip more than shrimp.

So, so much chili in downtown Wichita: The Wagonmasters will fill Douglas on Saturday morning with chili sampling galore.

National Taco Day: It’s next week, and the taco deals in Wichita are hot.

Food so big you almost can’t see it all at once: It’s called the machete, and it will slay your hunger.


It’s bierocks season: Here’s where to get the most Kansas of meat pies.

Yet another chicken fried steak record broken: The Barn in Burrton can’t stop selling those suckers.