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The Protect Life Rule restores family planning

In May, the Trump administration announced new guidelines for the Title X family planning program dubbed the Protect Life Rule to ensure tax dollars meant for family planning are used for family planning and no longer go to provide abortions. As one of the leaders in Congress to urge the adoption of new guidelines, I was proud to see the administration heed the calls of millions of Americans in announcing the Protect Life Rule. However in a recent editorial (Oct. 26 Eagle), former Health and Human Services Secretary and Kansas Gov. Kathleen Sebelius completely missed the mark in explaining what the new rule will actually do.

Opinion Columns & Blogs

Kansans voted for growth, not stagnation

With a new Kansas governor-elect and state Legislature, Kansans voted to make a change. Despite many elections, however, the Kansas economy has been slowing for the past 40 years. While the new administration cites government as the solution to this problem, history shows that government is primarily the cause. Kansans need a new way of thinking. They won't get that from a Democrat or Republican as governor.

Wichita City Council candidates answer: What to do about Northeast Wichita pools?

Wichita City Council District 1 candidates Brandon Johnson, Mike Kinard, John Stevens and Janet Wilson answer the question: There are no public pools open in northeast Wichita. Would you support opening a pool and how would you fund it? (Video by