State hospitals need scrutiny, resources

While the spotlight is on legislators’ quest to balance revenues and expenditures overall, some recesses of the state budget need much more attention and money – the state mental hospitals and the sexual predator treatment program.

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Why lawmakers should leave EITC alone

Some in the Legislature are targeting the earned income tax credit for reduction or elimination – and for the $50 million it costs the state a year. That seems foolish and risky, given that the $50 million counts as part of the match qualifying Kansas for federal Temporary Assistance for Needy Families funding of about $102 million a year.

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Review: ‘Aloha’ squeaks by on charm

“Aloha” shows how far a movie can go on charm alone. The latest from writer-director Cameron Crowe is an ungainly collection of likable but awkward scenes. Crowe introduces a serious topic without really examining it, and even the romance feels off, with a pair of lovers who seem mismatched. To complete the picture, Crowe tags on an ending that’s convenient but not convincing.


Skateboarders in Cuba find a niche despite outlaw image

As Cubans enthusiastically adopt skateboarding, they learn to make do with a shortage of equipment, limited recreational sites and occasional harassment – another example of the challenge of emulating trends elsewhere that have not received official sanction in the island nation.


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