Report: Pilot inexperience likely cause of 2012 crash that killed six members of Bramlage family

The National Transportation Safety Board says Ronald Bramlage purchased the 2006 single-engine Pilatus PC-12/47 just five weeks before the June 2012 crash in Florida that killed Bramlage, his wife and their four children. The family was returning home to Junction City, Kan., from the Bahamas.

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North High sets out to prove physics is not just for nerds

Next year, with the blessing of principal Sherman Padgett, North High aims to have at least 80 percent of juniors enrolled in regular, honors or Advanced Placement physics, more than doubling the number of students who will have at least some exposure to the principles of motion, energy, heat, light, electricity and sound.


City has many blessings

Each year puts what President Washington proclaimed the “day of public thanksgiving and prayer” at greater risk from the early onset of Christmas. But this deliciously American holiday still manages to stir up the gratitude as well as the cranberry sauce.

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