Ballot issue invites look at marijuana use in Wichita

The number of charges for marijuana possession in Wichita are dropping and most people charged with marijuana possession are also charged for other crimes, data from Wichita courts and law enforcement shows. It also shows a disparity in the number of blacks charged with first-time possession.

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Taking the lawn into your own hands

Turfgrasses across Wichita have been greening up, starting with cool-season fescue, to be followed by Bermuda, zoysia and buffalo as the weather warms. The different grasses have some areas of care in common – crabgrass preventer can be applied to all of them now if crabgrass has been a problem in the past – but they have different needs when it comes to, for example, when they should be renovated and fertilized.

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Opinion Line (March 29)

I drove along Kellogg admiring the wonderful pear trees in full bloom, but couldn’t enjoy the scenery because of all the disgusting trash along the fences. Can’t Wichita learn from other cities that beautification is important and should be addressed?


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