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Taking the lawn into your own hands

Turfgrasses across Wichita have been greening up, starting with cool-season fescue, to be followed by Bermuda, zoysia and buffalo as the weather warms. The different grasses have some areas of care in common – crabgrass preventer can be applied to all of them now if crabgrass has been a problem in the past – but they have different needs when it comes to, for example, when they should be renovated and fertilized.

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Health & Fitness

6 daily tips from ‘The Doctors’ for healthier living

When you’re one of the experts on “The Doctors” – Travis Stork, Jim Sears, Andrew Ordon, Jennifer Berman, Rachael Ross and Jennifer Ashton (at 2 p.m., Monday through Friday on KSN, Ch. 3 in Wichita) – you give and get a deluge of health advice every day. These are the tips the docs themselves follow – daily. (Hint: none involve an apple.)


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