The Udall tornado: Kansas town remembers the day it disappeared (PHOTOS)

There aren’t many people left who crawled out of the rubble the night this small town died more than half a century ago. For those who remain, however, certain memories will never fade. “There are two Udalls,” resident Beth Evans said. “The one before the tornado and the one after.”

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How will Kobach handle his expanded power?

Since 2011 it often has seemed as if Kris Kobach really wished he were a crime-fighting attorney general rather than the record-keeping secretary of state. Not coincidentally, on Thursday the House sent a bill to the governor that will add “prosecutor” to Kobach’s duties.


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A high toll

Many Americans have loved their country so much that they were prepared to die defending it. If every Memorial Day reminds us of the high toll of such service in war, this one comes with a fresh and stinging reminder that sacrifices also occur far from the battlefield.

Opinion Line

Opinion Line (May 25)

I love our flag. I love seeing it soar. My only request is that all who fly it are on the same page, especially businesses. Some fly it at half-staff and some do not. I’d also like to know why it’s at half-staff.


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