PHOTOS: Little Jerusalem

Little Jerusalem, a mile-long area of rock formations in western Kansas, is slated to be opened so the public can enjoy one of Kansas top natural attractions.


PHOTOS: Life returns to the Red Hills

Alexanders 7,000 acres were part of the estimated 390,000 acres burned in late March by the infamous Anderson Creek Fire, a horrific blaze named after where it started in Oklahoma before moving north.


Waterfalls in Kansas

Kansas has places where the trilogy of rolling topography, flowing water and cracked limestone all come together. Four of the best waterfalls in Kansas are within a 25-minute drive of tiny Sedan, a Chautauqua Hills town 90 miles southeast of Wichita. (Video by Michael Pearce / Kansas.com)
Waterfalls in Kansas 0:51

Waterfalls in Kansas

Flying over Little Jerusalem 1:50

Flying over Little Jerusalem

Touring Little Jerusalem 2:57

Touring Little Jerusalem

Fishing, archery taught at Dodge City High School 0:48

Fishing, archery taught at Dodge City High School

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