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Soup for the soul at Pho Ong 8

When it comes to pho, the Vietnamese noodle soup is set apart by the quality of the broth; it’s the base that brings all of the other ingredients together. Pho Ong 8 goes well beyond the standard, putting in copious amounts of red onion, scallion and black pepper. The aroma is redolent with star anise and clove. It’s one of a handful of pho places where I don’t feel compelled to throw in handfuls of bean sprouts, chiles, fish sauce and Sriracha.

Dining With Denise Neil

Wichita: Send me pictures of your dinner

Are you, like me, the type of person who must photograph your meals? Are your friends and relatives always mocking you (or rolling their eyes with impatience) because you insist all meals be properly documented before they’re consumed? Now there’s an outlet for your edible art.

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