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‘Point Break’ is remade in the image of millennials (VIDEO)

Tuesday, the trailer for the “Point Break” remake received almost a million views on YouTube, following on the heels of a successful reboot of “Mad Max.” Just as the original cult classic was emblematic of its era, the new “Point Break” sneak peak pulses with the cliff dives and CGI mountain slides of a James Bond movie in 2015.

Movie News & Reviews

Review: ‘Aloha’ squeaks by on charm

“Aloha” shows how far a movie can go on charm alone. The latest from writer-director Cameron Crowe is an ungainly collection of likable but awkward scenes. Crowe introduces a serious topic without really examining it, and even the romance feels off, with a pair of lovers who seem mismatched. To complete the picture, Crowe tags on an ending that’s convenient but not convincing.

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