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Wichita gardener’s almanac for Nov. 28

Bringing home the Christmas tree — If you’re planning to buy a fresh, cut Christmas tree from a garden center or a tree lot, pick it out and buy it as soon as possible and bring it home, even if you don’t plan to put it up in the house immediately. You can put it in a bucket of water on the north side of the house, where it will stay fresher longer than on the lot. When you get the tree home, cut about 1 inch off the trunk and place the trunk in warm water. Check the water level often to be sure the base is always in water, including when it’s in the Christmas tree stand in the house.

Home & Garden

Plumber: The basics of water-saving faucets

Q: Dear Ed, I recently enjoyed your article on bathroom faucets. Your subject matter about different faucet types and styles was very helpful, but I'm interested in water-saving bathroom faucets. Can you please give us basics on water-saving bathroom faucets with helpful installation information?

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