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Gardener: Lessons from Thomas Jefferson's Monticello

After five years of traveling the country for the television show I currently host and produce, ("Growing a Greener World" on national public television), we have been to some incredible and beautiful places. One that continues to hold a spot on my list of favorites is Thomas Jefferson's Monticello, located just outside Charlottesville, Va.

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Yardsmart: Organic fall decor

Repurpose, recycle, reuse, is the mantra of today's decor. When you decorate for autumn with organic elements that can later be repurposed, you get double the value. All over America it's the season of gourds and Indian corn, both highly useful raw materials that can yield art projects and seed for next year's garden. The key is knowing what to buy now and how to exploit the second harvest next year.

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Hobbies: Feather gift box wraps things up elegantly

Scrapbook paper is great for scrapbooking, of course, but it can also be used for so many other projects. This project was inspired by my good friend, Brenda Walton. She is always bringing me delightful gifts that are wrapped to perfection - the wrapping is just as pretty as the gift itself. Scrapbooking paper remnants and little embellishments go a long way in creating a lovely little gift box that will take your gift giving to a new level.

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Style at Home: 5 tricks for decorating with brown

The world looks fabulous wrapped in the colors of fall. And at the base of this beautiful bouquet of radiant color is brown. Earthy, warm, soothing and satisfying, the color brown encourages us to slow down and snuggle in. And eat hot, buttery popcorn. Or, is that just me? I digress. Here are my favorite ways to work this dramatic but undemanding neutral into your home decor.

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