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What scientists say about the myth that bras cause breast cancer

It seems almost preposterous that a study like this one had to be conducted. But apparently the belief that wearing a bra for long periods of time can cause breast cancer persists, and it turns out the issue hadn’t really been studied in scientific fashion. Until now, there has been just one academic look at this myth, back in 1991, and it was quite limited.

Health & Fitness

Follow health guidelines for therapy dogs in hospitals

Underdog – the super-beagle who saves his town from bad guys with barely a growl – may be a protracted joke (he first appeared in the 1960s and made a movie as recently as 2007), but a real-life dog actually can rescue you from painful situations, even immediately after joint-replacement surgery.

Health & Fitness

5 things to know about driving on marijuana

The legalization of recreational marijuana in two states – Colorado and Washington – and medical marijuana in more than 20 others has raised concern that there will be more drivers stoned behind the wheel. What’s not clear is whether that will translate into an increase in fatal crashes. Five things to know about marijuana and driving:

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