Mix it up this fall

Just when you thought the summer would never end, the leaves start to turn, the temperature drops slowly and it’s time to change out your wardrobe.


Would you spend $800 for a haircut? Some men in New York do

When Parisians learned this month that President François Hollande paid his hairdresser more than $10,000 a month to cut his hair, a howl was heard from Montmartre to the Marais. Not since President Bill Clinton shut down two runways in 1993 for a $200 trim aboard Air Force One have the tresses of a head of state been so widely discussed. But as men’s upkeep has gone the way of female grooming – Botox, facials and waxing – so, too, has the high price of a haircut.


5 hot shoe trends for summer

Step 1: Treat yourself to a pedicure. (On the bright side, neons are trending big for summer 2016. On the more subdued end of the scale are pretty nude polishes that make for a perfect pedicure.)


7 life-changing beauty products

We all know money can’t buy happiness, but who can deny the thrill that a shiny new beauty product brings, even more so when it happens to deliver on what it promises? Ahead, you’ll find seven beauty products that deliver and then some.


The classic Hawaiian shirt returns

In the years leading up to 1959, when Hawaii became the 50th state and pineapples seemed exotic, U.S. tourists returned to the mainland wearing newly purchased Hawaiian shirts with pride.


Designer Shoe Warehouse opens at Greenwich Place

DSW shoppers (from left) Lindsay Zimmerman, Brittany Sweeney, Jennifer Cox, Lindsay Schroeder and Briann Ash discuss why they put the Greenwich Place store's opened NG date on their calendars. Carrie Rengers/The Wichita Eagle
Designer Shoe Warehouse opens at Greenwich Place 1:04

Designer Shoe Warehouse opens at Greenwich Place

Hutchinson OL Josh Rivas 0:24

Hutchinson OL Josh Rivas

Miege WR Jafar Armstrong 0:47

Miege WR Jafar Armstrong

Miege OL Colin Grunhard 0:31

Miege OL Colin Grunhard

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