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Leggings raise dress code questions in schools

Today at 6:33 a.m.

— They're called leggings — popular fashion items that are tight-fitting pants to some, and glorified tights to others.

  • Extra-short Afro helping to change views of beauty

    On a recent afternoon at Chicago’s Dewey Elementary Academy of Fine Arts, Ladon Brumfield asked a group of 9- and 10-year-old African-American girls to define beauty.

  • How much for prom? In the Midwest, about $835

    American families with teens are spending less on prom this year, but the spring tradition is no cheap date, according to a survey by Visa Inc.

  • Prom dress shopping perilous for plus-size girls

    Maria Giorno has nothing against long gowns with high waists and flowing fabric – dresses that are designed to camouflage curves on plus-size women.

  • Relax, Rachel Zoe is not judging your outfit

    If you happen to spot celebrity stylist and designer Rachel Zoe out and about, do not worry. She’s not judging you.

  • Addressing the many shades of women

    In 1994, when Somali supermodel Iman started her cosmetics line based on foundation in a broad range of colors, she said she wasn’t interested in ethnicity or race.

  • Lifting the layers on how to drape necklaces

    Dear Answer Angel Ellen: I want to try layering necklaces, but I am clueless on how to do it. Can you help? – Patricia

  • Iconic bob hairstyle continues to change – and stir change

    It’s a simple look with a lingering hint of rebellion.

  • Spring fashion trends: The 20s are back

    It started with “The Great Gatsby” craze then came the popularity of “Downton Abbey,” which fueled the 1920s fashion flame.

  • Cut-outs are shaping up to be hot spring fashion trend

    You don’t have to flip through a fashion magazine to see that dresses and tops with cut-outs that show that sexy little glimpses of skin are one of this year’s hottest fashion trends. Just look around at the next gala or special event you attend – there’s likely to be at least one person showing off the style.

  • Denim 101: A guide to finding jeans that fit and flatter

    For many of us, even bathing suit shopping is preferable to trying on jeans. At least your choices are limited: one piece or two, tankini or bikini, padded or ruched top. And when was the last time you couldn’t pull a swimsuit up past your thighs?

  • Beauty bloggers turn entrepreneurs

    On her popular blog, Maskcara.com, Cara Brook, 28, sings the praises of highlighting and contouring one’s facial features, a process she refers to as HAC’ing (pronounced “hacking”). She gleaned the technique from books by the makeup artist Kevyn Aucoin, which she pored over as a teenager obsessed with the beauty business. “It’s a magical thing,” she effused in a how-to video.

  • Keeping your hair healthy and thick

    It doesn’t take many bad hair days to appreciate the value of great hair. But luxurious locks don’t happen by accident. Just like anything worth having, if you want 365 good hair days a year, you'll have to work for it. Here’s how:

  • Baking soda now part of daily facial regimen

    Friends often ask what kind of products I use on my face. I take that as a compliment. My skin is not prone to good behavior, so when I can beat it into submission, that’s reason to rejoice.

  • Hair coloring has no gray area

    Dear Answer Angel Ellen: I am 47 and not yet gray, but I want to develop a strategy for when I do start going gray. And how old is too old to keep dyeing your hair?

  • Help for tresses feeling their age

    Is hair the new skin? Serums, BB creams, massages and lasers are among the new products and services addressing the issue of women’s aging locks. Many go well beyond covering the gray.

  • It’s red carpet season, so go for the glam

    It’s that time of year when red carpets are being rolled out, stars are frantically working out to fit into slinky gowns, and entertainment execs are furiously lobbying for votes. Yep, it’s award show season. And with the Golden Globes and just behind us, and the SAG Awards, Grammys and the big daddy of ’em all, the Oscars, quickly coming up, it’s the perfect time to add a little Hollywood glam into our own lives.

  • Smartphones get more sophisticated, but owners can’t keep up

    If Frank Washington has told his mother once, he has told her a thousand times: Do not change the account passwords on your iPhone.

  • Maternity fashion myths busted

    The Bump expert Liz Lange, founder of Liz Lange for Target Maternity, offers her advice about these style rules that were made to be broken.

  • Milan designers offer softer silhouette for men

    Milan designers offered a softer, sporty silhouette for men next fall and winter.

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