She's 'rooted' in small-town Kansas with painted, rainbow hairstyles

Ursula Goff has brought waves of color to small-town Kansas — and the rest of the nation.

She was recently on the Rachael Ray Show with a segment featuring her rainbow hair art.

"The rainbow hair trend has been flooding our social media feeds for quite some time now -- but one extremely popular hairstylist from Kansas named Ursula Goff ... has truly taken the phenomenon to another level," Cristina Corvino wrote for the Rachael Ray Show.

Goff has more than 102,000 Instagram followers who are treated to photos of hairstyles that include died polka dots, mosaic designs and even painted eyes.

"It kind of just started small with little streaks of color here and there," Goff told the show, "(but) now I do all kinds of weird stuff on anyone who will let me."

Goff has been styling hair for about 16 years, but she didn't start to "go viral" until about three years ago.

The reactions were not always positive in rural Kansas.

"As time goes by, I get more positive feedback than anything," she said. "There’s always people who don’t like it or it’s not their thing, but they aren’t my market, so it’s no big deal."

She said she embraces what some may consider weird or crazy. It's "color and art for the sake of color and art," she said.

Goff said she finds her inspiration from "almost everything," including colors, patterns, textures, science and other pieces of art.

"It’s fun and lucrative," she said. "I get almost complete creative control, it’s just challenging enough, and it’s given me fantastic travel, exposure, and income opportunities. Obviously, that not only benefits me and my career, but my family also, and they are ultimately who I answer to and who motivates me."

Despite the national attention she has received, Goff said she has no plans to leave Wellington — about 40 miles south of Wichita — anytime soon.

"... I'm a bit rooted at the moment," she said, mentioning friends and family nearby.

If you're interested in a rainbow or painted hairstyle, you might have to wait awhile. She said she is in her salon between 30 and 35 hours a week, but she's almost always booked and only accepts new clients periodically.

Her styles start at $200, but a hairstyle can cost nearly double that based on your desired outcome and the length and thickness of your hair.

For more information, you can visit her Facebook page by clicking here.

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