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Search for homes for sale in Wichita area including single family, foreclosures, condos and new construction. The Wichita Eagle newspaper and provide information on schools, home buying services, public safety, places of worship and the home-buying process. Also learn about local communities.

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The Mortgage Professor: Transitioning to double-digit mortgage interest rates

For the last 24 years, mortgage interest rates have been in the single-digits, supporting a widespread presumption in the mortgage industry that this is the normal state of affairs. Yet the rate was 10 percent or higher during most of the 11 year period 1979-1990. Given this history and the current outlook for the economy and monetary policy, it is prudent to consider the consequences of a return to double-digits, and to take whatever measures are available to soften their impact.The need for preventative measures is particularly acute in the reverse mortgage market.


Startup looks to solve startups' real estate problem

When Baltimore-area real estate professionals Alex Kopicki and Jeff Jacobson started a development firm roughly three years ago, they figured they knew what they were doing, so they were surprised by one of their biggest problems out of the gate.


Real estate Q&A: 'As-is' contract forces seller into tough decision

Q: We have equity in our home and agreed to sell it using an "as-is" contract. It allows the buyer 15 days to get an inspection and cancel if they're not satisfied with the condition of the property. The inspection found about $3,000 worth of normal wear and tear, but now the buyer is threatening to cancel if we don't lower the price. What should we do?


Real estate Q&A: Do-it-yourself deed causes problems for homeowner

Q: Several years ago, my brother and I bought a foreclosed house from the bank. He and I split the money, but only my name went on the deed. We downloaded a form off the Internet, creating a limited liability company and quit-claim deeding the property to our company. We just found out that the bank missed a lien during the foreclosure. We made a claim against our title insurance policy that was denied. What gives?

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