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The Mortgage Professor: The CFPB is now a consumer complaint clearinghouse: Will that help consumers?

Markets for financial services often don't work well for consumers. The trial and error technique that consumers rely on in navigating many markets, such as food and clothing markets, does not work well when transactions are large and infrequent. Financial firms who expect to see a customer only once may have little incentive to provide good service. Because of the complexity of many financial products, consumers often have less information about the products than those who sell it. The new consumer complaint facility created by the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau can be viewed as an attempt to offset these factors so that financial markets will work better for consumers.


Saving homes, a buck at a time

The breeze carries the tinny jingle of the approaching ice cream truck, so Mike Puma leaves the railing he's painting on his two-family, electric-blue home to buy a milkshake.


Janna Herron: What it takes to borrow from home equity

Breaking into the home equity nest egg is becoming a very real possibility for more Americans as home prices rise. But raiding the house bank is not as easy as it was before the recession, and not everyone meets the requirements to borrow from home equity.

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