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Saving homes, a buck at a time

The breeze carries the tinny jingle of the approaching ice cream truck, so Mike Puma leaves the railing he's painting on his two-family, electric-blue home to buy a milkshake.


Janna Herron: What it takes to borrow from home equity

Breaking into the home equity nest egg is becoming a very real possibility for more Americans as home prices rise. But raiding the house bank is not as easy as it was before the recession, and not everyone meets the requirements to borrow from home equity.


Real estate Q&A: Be accommodating if seller wants to delay closing

Q: We are under contract to buy a home. We have our loan approved, and the closing is in about two weeks. The sellers just dropped a bombshell on us that the home they are moving into won't be ready for another month, so they want to push back our closing date. We really want this house. What should we do?

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