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The Mortgage Professor: Can bad financial habits be unlearned?

Some readers of last week's column recognized themselves in my description of a "NOHO:" someone not cut out to be a homeowner. NOHOs live paycheck to paycheck, price substantial purchases in terms of the monthly financing charge and typically have no reserve for meeting unexpected contingencies. Some readers asked me how to change this pattern, and I decided to take a stab at it in this article. While I have no professional credentials as a psychologist, I have had some experience in converting bad habits into good ones.


Real estate Q&A: Buying after a short sale? The wait just got longer

Q: We completed a short sale about two years ago. We have been renting and saving our money to buy a new home after the two-year waiting period imposed by Fannie Mae. When we applied for our new loan, we were told that now we have to wait another two years. We are very upset and feel we were lied to during the short sale. What gives?

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