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Author: Eight things my family learned by giving up processed foods

A few years ago I had the wakeup call of my life when I realized many of the foods I thought were healthy (by Food Industry standards) were actually highly processed. So in an effort to completely overhaul my family's diet, and to also draw attention to how dependent Americans have become on processed food, the four of us embarked upon a pledge we called "100 Days of Real Food."


Plan now for future of family cabin

With the temperatures falling and daylight waning, it's time to pull in the dock and shutter the cabin. For some families, it's also a time of year to ponder a more dramatic change: What to do with the family cabin.


The Mortgage Professor: How to eliminate third party settlement costs

In a recent article I proposed that Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac be removed from limbo and given a new mission: to create a better primary mortgage market. Among other things, this would include the elimination of third party settlement costs. To borrowers, these are a horrible yet unnecessary source of complexity, confusion and overcharges. Existing attempts to deal with the problem through government-mandated disclosures, rules against markups and prohibitions of referral fees have only added to the complexity of the process without preventing overcharges.


Downtown LA is drawing interest from NY investors

LOS ANGELES - Downtown Los Angeles, once disdained by Wall Street as a weak collection of office buildings with no pizazz, is drawing newfound fascination from New York firms, many of which are sinking money into the resurging commercial district.


Museum shows off Baltimore federal furniture

When Homewood was completed around 1808, the Baltimore house was one of the most stylish examples of Federal domestic architecture in America. No wonder Charles Carroll Jr., its owner, wanted the most fashionable furniture to fill it. And Baltimore was just the place for producing some of the most elegant and sophisticated furniture in the fledgling United States. The resulting union was a perfect marriage of architecture and furnishings.

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