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The Mortgage Professor: How to pay off your mortgage faster without being scammed

The 30-year fixed-rate mortgage is a great instrument that has made home ownership possible for millions of consumers, but none of them like the idea of being in debt for 30 years. Those who like it the least and have the poorest understanding of how mortgage amortization works are vulnerable to payoff scam artists, who keep popping up with allegedly easy ways to pay down the balance faster.


Ken DeLeon: Silicon Valley's real estate rock star

Ken DeLeon parks his Rolls-Royce outside the Georgian-style mini-mansion that he anticipates selling for a whole lot more than its $5.49 million asking price. It's his latest listing. Inside, a tour for fellow real estate agents is in progress.


Real estate Q&A: Does landlord need to provide heat?

Q: We recently moved into a new rental with three window air conditioning units and no heater. We asked what we would do for heat this winter and were told that we would need to buy a portable heater. Isn't that something the landlord must provide?


The Mortgage Professor: Protecting borrowers in dysfunctional markets

The Dodd-Frank Act established the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau after the financial crisis to protect consumers in financial markets, but it does not tell the agency how to go about protecting consumers. The need for protection varies from market to market, depending on how well consumers can obtain the information they need to protect themselves, which in turn depends in large part on how competitive the market is. In competitive markets, the CFPB can and has adopted a "rotten apple" approach to regulation, finding and penalizing individual lenders or service providers who violate the rules that most observe.


Real estate Q&A: Creative mortgage plan may be too risky

Q: We rent a house, and the owner wants to sell it to us. Our credit is not so great, and the seller can't afford to pay off the existing mortgage. So he offered to give us a new mortgage and then use the payments we are making to him to pay off his existing loan. I've never heard of something like this. Is it legal?

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