If breaking up is hard, breaking up online is straight-up impossible

Breaking up may have seemed “hard to do” when Neil Sedaka first crooned the lyric in 1962. But Neil Sedaka didn’t have to deal with the dreaded dissolution of the Facebook relationship status. Or the awkward unfollowing of the ex’s friends. Or the hourly reminders – on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Snapchat, Vine, Tumblr, Gchat, where have you – that your ex is still out in the world, happy. Maybe happier than you!


Ask Mr. Dad: Caught with your pants down, literally

Dear Mr. Dad: I'm a single dad and have been going out with a wonderful woman for quite a while. She sometimes spends the night, but last time, my 8-year-old daughter walked in on us while we were making love. I don't think she was there very long, but she was crying and seemed frightened by the whole thing, and my girlfriend didn't take it too well either. What should I do? Did I just scar my daughter for life?

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