Looking for love at a Halloween party? Consider your costume

Halloween isn’t traditionally thought of as a romantic holiday. Sure, some people use it as an excuse to wear skimpy outfits, but many others opt for costumes that are humorous, puzzling or utterly terrifying – sometimes a mix of all three. Most of these ensembles don’t exactly scream “date me,” but still, love can find a way.


The 10 best strategy/RPGs you can purchase now

The strategy/RPG has always been a niche genre, which is ironic since it's a hybrid of two popular genres in Japan. Great series like "Fire Emblem," "Final Fantasy Tactics," and "Shining Force" have no doubt put it on gamers' radar, but the genre is like a diamond in the rough with only a few releases every year. Therefore, I decided to compile a list of old and new games that are easily available that stand as the best the genre has to offer. After all, don't we all love to really contemplate each turn to maximize its full potential?


Taylor Swift shakes off her lighter side

Taylor Swift is hardly a one-note artist. She may have entered the music scene as a heartbroken country princess, but when she dropped "1989" earlier this week, Swift debuted her darker side. The 24-year-old jumps from pop-infused tracks like "Shake It Off" to deeper, emotional ballads like "This Love." We assembled a panel and set them loose on this album. They decided which Taylor each song represented: her light or dark side.

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