Curious Wichita


The comprehensive timeline for Wichita’s Joyland

March 25, 1949: An article claims the new park at 2801 Hillside, which is set to open in May, has a roller coaster built from 250,000 feet of lumber. The 40-acre park was started by Lester Ottaway and his sons Herb and Harold. This will be the third and largest location for the park; it originally opened in the Planeview neighborhood in 1943 but then moved to 1500 E. Central.


Will there ever be another Joyland?

Experts say that building a new amusement park in Wichita would mean overcoming some daunting challenges, such as cost, skilled employees and being able to draw people from outside the city.

Curious Wichita: How loud is Intrust Bank Arena compared to the rest of Wichita?

Intrust Bank Arena has some of the loudest sounds in Wichita. A reader wanted to know if the sound levels at concerts can damage hearing.