Curious Wichita

Vote: Which of these 5 reader questions should The Eagle investigate?

In the past few weeks The Eagle has investigated stories asked directly by readers in our new series, Curious Wichita.

We have investigated vehicle tax cheats, spent the day with the city’s elevator inspector and brought you the best brunch spots in the city.

The Eagle wants you to decide, among a batch of five more questions, what we should investigate next. Voting runs from Tuesday through Friday, so share this with your friends and encourage them to vote for your favorite question.

(The Eagle may also investigate questions that receive a lot of votes without winning, but the winning question will take priority.)


  • Why can’t our stop/go lights be synchronized?
  • What’s it going to take to get the city to mow the vacant lots around town?
  • Will a couple of inches of rain flood the town forever or is there a plan to fix infrastructure?
  • Why don’t buses run at night for people who don’t have transportation and need to get to their destination?
  • Why do east-side/Andover toilets get pink bacteria/mold growth during the summer? The west side doesn’t have this problem: Why not?

You can also submit a question for the next voting round here: