Coercing the courts

Legislative forces formally lined up for an assault on the Kansas courts this week, when a House-Senate conference committee agreed to use the power of the purse to try to force the judiciary into deciding a case in the Legislature’s favor.


Lift welfare ATM cap

Not only are many of the state’s new welfare regulations condescending, the limit on cash withdrawals may violate federal law – potentially endangering $102 million in federal funding. That’s what can happen when lawmakers ram through legislation without proper vetting, and based on ugly stereotypes.


Take target off Kansas Bioscience Authority

Some conservative state leaders may view the Kansas Bioscience Authority as an expendable source of quick cash amid the budget crisis, especially those who ideologically oppose its capturing of tax dollars for economic development. But the quasi-government agency has a record of results and deserves better than a sneak attack during the legislative session’s overtime.


Brownback evading open government

No wonder Gov. Sam Brownback’s administration hasn’t had a policy on using private e-mail accounts to do state business. It turns out the boss communicates by private e-mail with his staff.


Face fiscal reality

Friday’s painful debate and subsequent defeat of a proposal to raise the statewide sales tax showed that the fiscal reality has dawned on only part of the Kansas House.


Movement on marijuana

Because of Wichita’s approval of a city ordinance in April and House action last week, Kansas no longer seems like the last place you’d expect to weaken marijuana laws.

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