So much for promises on family planning funds

When the Legislature voted four years ago to defund Planned Parenthood clinics in Kansas, lawmakers promised that the federal funding would be redirected to county health departments and hospitals, so that low-income women could continue to receive pap smears, cancer screenings and family planning services. But that didn’t happen.


Police must build trust

As demonstrated at Monday night’s public forum at Century II, Wichita has a trust deficit between its Police Department and some of its residents that can’t be fixed by more of the same.


Search for county manager lacks public input

The four finalists for Sedgwick County manager have been described as “extraordinary” and “awesome.” Such superlatives reflect what the county will need to replace the now-retired William Buchanan, but the search has badly lacked transparency and community input.


Police chief a crucial decision

In a tough time for any police chief anywhere, the largest police department in Kansas needs a leader with a strong resume and broad skill set. Fortunately for Wichita, the two remaining finalists to become police chief, Terri Moses and Joel Fitzgerald, are both highly respected law enforcement veterans with the right experience.


Gitmo fearmongering

President Obama’s plan to move some of the remaining 116 Guantanamo Bay detainees to mainland sites, possibly including Fort Leavenworth, seems unlikely to be implemented given strong congressional opposition and a federal law meant to prohibit it. But Kansas leaders’ criticism of the idea is excessive, and signals a lack of trust in the security of U.S. military prisons.

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