Help FlightSafety

Surely the Wichita community’s generous spirit can extend to enabling FlightSafety International to rebuild, expand and recover from the Oct. 30 plane crash and fire, even if doing so necessitates some public financial assistance – or a solution that bypasses Sedgwick County’s government.


Why privatize Comcare?

Sedgwick County commissioners should proceed slowly on deciding whether to privatize mental health services, and know where they’re going and why before giving up on a system that works as well as Comcare.


Don’t advertise welfare?

Some little-noticed language in the much-discussed state welfare bill reflects the growing disdain in Topeka and Washington, D.C., for letting the needy know help is even available.


Sad ending to Joyland

There is a surprising sadness for many south-central Kansans of a certain age – a lot of ages, actually – in seeing the images of Joyland’s demolition.


Tree partnership takes root

Tree-lined streets and abundant shade don’t come naturally to Wichita, which is why the partnership between the new nonprofit ICTrees and the city merits encouragement and assistance.

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