Kobach gets assist on voter registration

After years of trying, Kansas Secretary of State Kris Kobach just got the U.S. Election Assistance Commission to do what he wants. All it took was an edict from the EAC’s new executive director, Brian Newby – who just happens to be the former Kobach-backed elections commissioner of Johnson County.


Process for picking justices works well

Kansans need the sharpest legal minds in the state sitting on the Kansas Supreme Court, and jurists so focused on the rule of law that they pay no heed to popular opinion or political threats. Yet merit was barely mentioned leading up to Wednesday’s 69-53 preliminary House vote favoring a judicial selection constitutional amendment.


Property tax law intrusive, unworkable

Kansans hate property taxes, which means every legislative attempt to fight them is savvy politics. But the 2015 Legislature’s unworkable property tax limit on cities and counties is unworthy of the support of the Sedgwick County Commission, which should be looking out for local control as well as its ability to pay for needed services into the future.

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