Attract more tourists, conventions

Wichita knows how to show tourists and conventioneers a good time once they get here. Now it’s finally getting serious about attracting them, starting with ensuring that Go Wichita Convention and Visitors Bureau has more money for marketing.


State hospital needs long-term solution

The state likely had no choice but to limit admissions at Osawatomie State Hospital. But this drastic move to ease overcrowding could be harmful and dangerous, and the state needs to implement a long-term solution as soon as possible.


Koch gift boosts WSU

Talk about a formidable partnership – the generosity of Koch Industries and its founding family, and the expansive vision of Wichita State University president John Bardo.


Shining light on affidavits

A new law is shining a welcome light on criminal justice as it unfolds in the state and especially Sedgwick County, where two documents released last week detail the reasons for the arrests and filing of criminal charges in capital murder cases.


Look out for children

Gov. Sam Brownback and other leaders at the state and local levels should do more than cross their fingers and hope that the health and well-being of Kansas kids improve. They should pay attention to specific indicators of how children are faring in the state, especially as they look to trim spending amid the state’s budget crisis.


Police changes are coming

Wichita has seen its own deadly confrontations between police and residents in recent years, without seeing decisions clearing the involved officers lead to unrest, violence and conflagration. But there is a need for greater understanding, better communication and, when things go wrong, more accountability.

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