Invest in zoo, elephants

A zoo without elephants isn’t much of a zoo, and Sedgwick County’s is a great one. The County Commission should invest $5.3 million to match private dollars and ensure the Sedgwick County Zoo can keep its two beloved elephants and add others while maintaining its crucial accreditation.


Who will be on ballot?

Though Kansas voters will have the last word Nov. 4, the justices on the state Supreme Court could exert some significant influence on the state’s stranger-by-the-day U.S. Senate contest in deciding whether to let Democrat Chad Taylor off the ballot.


Extend a helping hand to United Way

With the economic plunge of 2008-09 having stranded Wichita in a canyon with no sure exit, the United Way of the Plains has its own steep wall to scale in the fall campaign that formally began Thursday – $15.1 million. Please extend it a hand.

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