Engage public in search for new police chief

As the community prepares for Police Chief Norman Williams to retire Sept. 6, and for Deputy Chief Nelson Mosley to take over as interim chief, City Manager Robert Layton is smart to launch a thorough operational assessment of the Wichita Police Department. He also should engage the community in the search for a new top cop.


Fresh look at schools

There’s no harm in having fresh eyes and minds consider how to make Kansas public schools more efficient. But what seems like the state’s umpteenth effort to do so should put as high a value on schools being more effective – and on what those who teach in and lead schools have to say about how to better meet those goals.


Sad footnote on boys ranch

So some teens who might have benefited from the continuing operation of the Judge Riddel Boys Ranch are going instead to youth residential centers far from Wichita and their families. It’s an unsurprising yet sad footnote to a July closure that nobody originally wanted and that should have been avoided yet somehow wasn’t.

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