The Royals are on a roll

This could be another editorial about the upcoming elections, the state’s budget woes or the Ebola outbreak. But why bother? What most Kansans want to talk about right now are the Kansas City Royals. And who can blame them?


Vote ‘yes’ on sales tax

If the prospect of paying more sales tax in Wichita thrills no one, voting “no” on Nov. 4 gets the community nowhere. The Eagle editorial board recommends a “yes” vote.


Roberts, Orman agree on little

Though the candidates’ aides would beg to differ, the only clear winners in most campaign debates are the voters. But in Wednesday’s final face-off between Sen. Pat Roberts, R-Kan., and independent challenger Greg Orman, the battle-hardened Capitol Hill veteran again was eclipsed by the new guy with the appealing if vague call for actual problem solving.


Follow science, not politics

If the Kansas Wildlife, Parks and Tourism Commission follows Secretary Robin Jennison’s recommendation and takes the redbelly snake off the state’s threatened list, it will be avoiding a political fight by discounting science. It also will set a bad precedent for the next time somebody wants to ignore the scientific experts for reasons of cost or convenience. And the next.

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