Districts under stress

Though Kansas has long known that great schools are needed to help offset the absence of natural assets like mountains or beaches, it now mostly asks its districts to get by rather than to get better and better.


Help veterans find homes

Because no one who served in the nation’s military should end up living on the streets, Wichita Mayor Carl Brewer was right to join the worthy national effort to eliminate homelessness among veterans by the end of 2015.


Anderson put state first

Former Gov. John Anderson once said that success in politics involved being “the right rat at the right hole at the right time.” But Anderson, who died Monday at age 97, was more than that in Kansas politics.


Invest in zoo, elephants

A zoo without elephants isn’t much of a zoo, and Sedgwick County’s is a great one. The County Commission should invest $5.3 million to match private dollars and ensure the Sedgwick County Zoo can keep its two beloved elephants and add others while maintaining its crucial accreditation.

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