Gitmo fearmongering

President Obama’s plan to move some of the remaining 116 Guantanamo Bay detainees to mainland sites, possibly including Fort Leavenworth, seems unlikely to be implemented given strong congressional opposition and a federal law meant to prohibit it. But Kansas leaders’ criticism of the idea is excessive, and signals a lack of trust in the security of U.S. military prisons.


State trails region, nation on economic indicators

Gov. Sam Brownback’s Council of Economic Advisors no longer publishes its quarterly reports online, reportedly because it objects to the short-term numbers being used to gauge the overall health of the Kansas economy. The more likely motivation is to try to conceal the fact that Kansas trails the region and nation in nearly all the economic indicators.


An extraordinary meeting

Kansans may not understand anymore than they did before Monday’s State Finance Council meeting what makes a school district worthy of extra dollars from a new “extraordinary needs fund.” But what was extraordinary was how some council members challenged districts about their stated needs, numbers, superintendent salaries and classroom spending before the council variously shorted and denied their requests.


Progress on city-county facilities

Though Sedgwick County leaders get no points for speed, they at last are moving things along on facilities to train law enforcement officers and house city-county code enforcement and planning.


School block grants inadequate

Stability. Certainty. Flexibility. More money. School districts were told these things would flow from the block-grant funding law passed by the Legislature and signed by Gov. Sam Brownback last spring. But the law isn’t living up to the promises.

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