Budget hard to wrap up

Lacking a time machine they could use to return to 2012 and undo the reckless state income tax cuts, the 2015 Legislature and Gov. Sam Brownback have no choice but to come up with a balanced two-year budget by whatever means necessary in the wrap-up session that starts Wednesday.


Support the arts, Wichita

Even on a really cold day in February 2014, the inaugural Wichita Art Day of Giving demonstrated the generosity of the local arts audience and forged productive bonds among groups.


Court authority, funds at risk

Kansans should be aware of a constitutional crisis in the making in Topeka – one that’s linked to but also distinct from the unresolved school-finance lawsuit. It’s about court funding, and it risks both the balance of powers and the ability of the state’s judiciary to function.


Help FlightSafety

Surely the Wichita community’s generous spirit can extend to enabling FlightSafety International to rebuild, expand and recover from the Oct. 30 plane crash and fire, even if doing so necessitates some public financial assistance – or a solution that bypasses Sedgwick County’s government.

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