Lifting up Parks’ work, legacy

How lucky the 21st century is that Gordon Parks and his camera were eyewitness to so much of the civil rights era, capturing its ugliness but also its undeniable hope. And how fitting that Wichita continues to embrace and celebrate this gifted Fort Scott native, whose powerful photographs are on view at three local museums and the subject of a free symposium Friday and Saturday.


State getting an early start on budget fix

Though an early start won’t guarantee an easy finish, the GOP-led Legislature gets credit for already having crafted budget-repair bills in committees and advanced them to floor debates, beginning with the House on Wednesday.


Kobach gets assist on voter registration

After years of trying, Kansas Secretary of State Kris Kobach just got the U.S. Election Assistance Commission to do what he wants. All it took was an edict from the EAC’s new executive director, Brian Newby – who just happens to be the former Kobach-backed elections commissioner of Johnson County.

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