A fun-packed festival

Ducking out of rainy mid-May a few years ago hasn’t spared the Wichita River Festival from getting all wet at times. But a little rain, or a lot, doesn’t get Riverfest down – and shouldn’t keep the crowds from coming out for the community’s annual go-to event.


State hospitals need scrutiny, resources

While the spotlight is on legislators’ quest to balance revenues and expenditures overall, some recesses of the state budget need much more attention and money – the state mental hospitals and the sexual predator treatment program.


Time for urgency at Statehouse

When state legislators returned Tuesday for the session’s 96th day, there was very little lawmaking – and the talk was of finishing their work not in a matter of hours or days but weeks. Where is the urgency?


Where kids live matters

New research found that where low-income children grow up can have a significant impact on their future earnings and success. Unfortunately, it also found that Sedgwick County is not a good place for income mobility – a problem that local and state leaders need to tackle.


A high toll

Many Americans have loved their country so much that they were prepared to die defending it. If every Memorial Day reminds us of the high toll of such service in war, this one comes with a fresh and stinging reminder that sacrifices also occur far from the battlefield.

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