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Wichita restaurant lands on list of ‘Best Restaurants for a Celebrity Spotting’

Doo-Dah Diner has made its share of national lists. Among them, the restaurant at 206 E. Kellogg was said to have the state’s best breakfast sandwich (its fried bologna and egg sandwich) and to be the best diner in Kansas.

Owner Timirie Shibley said that her restaurant’s inclusion on a recent list, though flattering, was a bit of a head scratcher.

According to a fun list published by website Spoon University, Doo-Dah Diner is the best restaurant for a celebrity spotting in Kansas. The list, which reveals where Paul McCartney eats ice cream in Nebraska and where Nicole Kidman sips coffee in Tennessee, was published last fall and was recently brought to Shibley’s attention by a relative in Kansas City.

“Stop by the Doo-Dah Diner next time you’re spending time in Wichita, and do as Harrison Ford does,” the post reads. “With a breakfast and lunch menu like this, you’ll find me here any doo-dah day.”

Ford, in fact, did dine at Doo-Dah in early 2017, when he stopped by for some crispy corned beef and hash and coffee. And ESPN anchors are known to stop there (then go on and on about it on television) every time they’re in town.

But Shibley is the first to admit that other local restaurants have had more celebrity visits. Alton Brown, for example, won’t shut up about Espresso to Go Go. And Ford almost always starts his annual Wichita visits at Sabor.

“Personally, I would have guessed Chester’s, but considering it’s the entire state, maybe Joe’s barbecue in Kansas City,” she said. “But I am happy to accept the nomination for the state of Kansas.”

Traveling over Memorial Day?

You might want to swing by Mickey Mantle’s Steakhouse in Oklahoma City, a Kristin Chenoweth favorite. Or hang out at Tractors Classic American Grill in Jackson, Missouri, and watch for Morgan Freeman to come in.

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