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Harrison Ford is back in Wichita, has already started his usual tour of restaurants

Movie star Harrison Ford is back in Wichita, and it appears he’s already started his usual tour of his favorite local restaurants.

On Sunday evening, Ford was dining at one of his regular stops – Sabor at 309 N. Mead. Ford, of “Star Wars,” “Blade Runner” and “Indiana Jones” fame, always eats there when he’s in town.

Owner Melad Stephan and his wife, Deanna, posed for a picture with Ford in the restaurant while he was there. Deanna said he ordered his usual – the parilla dinner for two – and he also took his server’s suggestion to try the mussels and chorizo appetizer and the vegetarian arepas.

“He was extremely pleasant,” Deanna said. “Melad and I spoke with him and his pilot, Mike, for about 20 minutes and shared a toast together.”

Before he left Sabor, Ford told the Stephans he might be back for another meal before he left town. He also went back to the kitchen to thank the cooks and shake their hands, Deanna said.

Ford, an avid pilot and airplane owner, frequently comes to Wichita to have his plane serviced. For the past several years, he’s visited Wichita in mid- to late-January.

Ford told the Stephans he would be in town for about four days, which means he’ll no doubt be spotted in many other Wichita restaurants. Some of his past stops have included Doo-Dah Diner, Georges French Bistro and Chester’s Chophouse. He’s also been known to dine at Connie’s Mexico Cafe and Thai House, and the owners have photos hanging on the walls to prove it.

Last time Ford, 75, was spotted in Wichita, he also met one of Wichita’s celebrities – Wichita State University head basketball coach Gregg Marshall. Marshall approached Ford at Chester’s Chophouse, where both were dining, recited a few lines from Ford’s movie “The Fugitive” for him and then had his picture taken with him.

Wichita diners: Keep your eyes peeled if you’re eating out during the next several days, and by all means, if you see Han Solo – or better yet, snap a picture of him – send me an email at dneil@wichitaeagle.com and let me know.

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