Arthur Frommer

New airline rules hurt air passengers, help corporate profits

Frequently in the world of travel, an airline announces a new rule that is so much to its advantage, so productive of extra revenue for them, that you know for a certainty that every other carrier soon will adopt the same rule. That has just happened on the part of Delta Airlines.

Arthur Frommer

Failure to adequately fund Amtrak was cause of tragic derailment

Countless articles have discussed the recent tragic derailment of an Amtrak train outside of Philadelphia, and the consequent deaths of eight passengers and severe injuries to many more. Countless reasons have been cited for Amtrak’s failure to prevent its trains from traveling at high speed around curves, and countless theories have been voiced as to why adequate safety measures were not in place.

Arthur Frommer

How about Austria for this summer’s vacation?

A considerable part of my military service was spent in a mountain village of Bavaria, just a half-hour by car from the Austrian border. And though I spent the weekdays at Army duties, I devoted many weekends to forays into the picturesque and nearby Austrian city of Innsbruck, which resembled – to an uncanny extent – the“Sound of Music” town of Salzburg. I was constantly surrounded by mountains, and it was thrilling to be there.

Arthur Frommer

Travel embargo to Cuba may soon be lifted

In the world of travel, the recent decision by President Obama to re-establish diplomatic ties with Cuba had perhaps its biggest impact on the stock of the major cruise lines, causing them to rise by as much as 7 percent in one afternoon.

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