Arthur Frommer

Japan is enjoying a big increase in American tourists

American tourism to Japan is again booming. During the month of June, nearly 90,000 Americans visited the great cities of Japan (especially Tokyo and Kyoto), more than any other monthly period in past years. During the six months from January through June of 2014, nearly 500,000 Americans visited Japan, increasing the chance that more than 1 million Americans will go there in 2014 – the highest yearly figure in all the history of American tourism to Japan.

Arthur Frommer

Call the hotel direct to get lowest-priced accommodations

The evidence seems stronger every day that the best way to get a low-cost hotel room is to place a direct phone call to the hotel itself. But you should do so, say all the travel pundits, only after you have first used an Internet search engine – like,,,, and the like – to learn which hotels already are offering big discounts off their normal rates.

Arthur Frommer

By charging extra fees, hotel industry has crossed a line

In a state of weary resignation, most of us have become used to the extra charges that airlines now routinely add to their airfares. We think nothing ill of the fee for making a phone call to an airline reservationist, the charge for checking luggage onto a flight or for occupying an economy seat with two inches of extra legroom.

Arthur Frommer

Acadia National Park a highlight of visiting Maine

If asked to name the two most important attractions of the state of Maine, most visitors would answer – in my recent experience – that they were (1) Acadia National Park, and (2) L.L. Bean. The famous discount shopping outlet had its birth in Freeport, where its original store is a vast, multi-floor structure with every conceivable product, as opposed to the several, smaller, ground-floor outlets in other Maine cities, where clothing – outdoor clothing – is almost the only stock in trade.

Arthur Frommer

Travel developments may affect your next vacation

Though the travel industry nowadays is almost totally absorbed in following events in the Middle East, which have a direct impact on travel and tourism, nevertheless people continue to travel to most other areas of the world, and new travel institutions arise to serve their needs.

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