Arthur Frommer

Norwegian Airlines offering cheap flights to Europe

A significant recent development in travel , too often overlooked, has been a decision by the low-cost, trans-Atlantic Norwegian Airlines to greatly increase the number of flights it offers between London’s Gatwick Airport and both New York and Los Angeles. That airline entered the trans-Atlantic market rather gingerly in past months, testing the demand for cheap trans-Atlantic prices, and apparently the response has been so positive that it is now taking a plunge into greatly-increased trans-Atlantic services.

Arthur Frommer

Unrealistic honeymoon odyssey likely hit $30,000 or more

The travel sections of several leading American newspapers seem to engage in an alternating pattern of reality and nonreality. For months on end, they devote pages to recommending ultra-deluxe hotels that no normal American could possibly afford, and then – when called out by critics – they spend a week or two on realistic expenditures before reverting to their normal, desired areas of glamor and luxury.

Arthur Frommer

Failure to adequately fund Amtrak was cause of tragic derailment

Countless articles have discussed the recent tragic derailment of an Amtrak train outside of Philadelphia, and the consequent deaths of eight passengers and severe injuries to many more. Countless reasons have been cited for Amtrak’s failure to prevent its trains from traveling at high speed around curves, and countless theories have been voiced as to why adequate safety measures were not in place.

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