Arthur Frommer

A drop in foreign currencies has created, new cheap destinations

Among the major recent events in travel, illustrating a larger trend, has been the continued sharp decline in the value of the Russian ruble. Two years ago, that currency enjoyed an exchange rate of 33 to the U.S. dollar, and then plunged last year to a level of 65 to the dollar, which most observers felt to be its bottom value. Lo and behold, the ruble has now plunged again, to about 80 to the dollar, and consequently, the cost of a stay in Russia for the American tourist has become quite low. All this has occurred, of course, because the Russian economy – almost totally dependent on the sale of oil, has been battered by the current price of oil averaging $30 a barrel. If you have ever felt curious about life in Moscow and St. Petersburg, you now have the best-ever conditions for a stay there.

Arthur Frommer

Miami and Miami Beach are still on the rise for tourists

Few American cities are enjoying greater and more continuous growth than Miami and Miami Beach, Florida. In a recent column, I expressed my own surprise at the enormous expansion of cultural activities, the new museums and art galleries, the constant opening of new and superb ethnic restaurants, the building of more and more hotels and condos, that I witnessed on a recent stay.

Arthur Frommer

10 lightly visited destinations for your next vacation

This is the season for travel lists – the “10 best” of this and the “10 best” of that. Travel journalists disclose their “10 best” travel destinations for the year ahead, or their “10 best” unknown travel gems, usually places of which few Americans have ever heard, or places so expensive that few Americans would choose them. One well-known travel firm has named Botswana in Africa as its No. 1 favorite for the year ahead, without disclosing that Botswana probably is the single most expensive safari destination in all of Africa.

Arthur Frommer

There are more alternatives for low-cost vacation apartments

Airbnb has become a household name in travel. Most Americans are aware that the bearer of that name is valued at billions of dollars, and that its inventory of low-cost apartments for short-term rental is, perhaps, larger than the world’s total number of hotel rooms. Multitudes use Airbnb for their accommodations when they travel, and large numbers of people owning apartments now earn a sizable yearly income from renting them out to transient visitors.

Arthur Frommer

Reasons for traveling in October, aided by a strong dollar and lower airfares

Now is precisely the time for a road trip through New England, which will be immersed in the magnificence of fall foliage. The definitive summary of sights and attractions at that time is found in the current issue of Yankee Magazine, now celebrating its 80th anniversary. That remarkable travel publication is found wherever magazines are sold, or you can visit its website to subscribe.

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