Arthur Frommer

How about Austria for this summer’s vacation?

A considerable part of my military service was spent in a mountain village of Bavaria, just a half-hour by car from the Austrian border. And though I spent the weekdays at Army duties, I devoted many weekends to forays into the picturesque and nearby Austrian city of Innsbruck, which resembled – to an uncanny extent – the“Sound of Music” town of Salzburg. I was constantly surrounded by mountains, and it was thrilling to be there.

Arthur Frommer

Travel embargo to Cuba may soon be lifted

In the world of travel, the recent decision by President Obama to re-establish diplomatic ties with Cuba had perhaps its biggest impact on the stock of the major cruise lines, causing them to rise by as much as 7 percent in one afternoon.

Arthur Frommer

Here are several outstanding places to visit in 2015

As we approach the start of a new year, travel pundits all over the nation are compiling lists of where you should go in 2015. I, too, have such a list, one that names familiar destinations but also includes unusual places to a greater extent than normal. Here are a dozen options for your next trip:

Arthur Frommer

Japan now a low-cost destination for American travelers

Several weeks ago, when the value of the Japanese yen plummeted to a rate of 100 to the U.S. dollar, people in the travel industry awoke to the emergence of a new destination for cost-conscious Americans. Most of us had last visited Japan when we received far less than 90 yen to the dollar, and the experience was a searing one: Japan was a costly place to visit. At a higher 100 to the dollar, it became moderately priced, on a level with most European nations.

Arthur Frommer

15 frequently asked travel questions

I find that the questions posed to this column deal, generally, with 15 repeated and familiar inquiries that trouble the traveling public. Here they are, along with our responses to them – answers with which you might disagree.

Arthur Frommer

Sunday has replaced Tuesday as best day to purchase airfares

For many years, travel “experts” have uniformly reported that Tuesday was the best day for purchasing air tickets, resulting in the lowest possible price for those ducats. All sorts of seemingly rational explanations were given for this conclusion, and various procedures and practices of the airlines were cited in favor of that “truth.”

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