Arthur Frommer

15 frequently asked travel questions

I find that the questions posed to this column deal, generally, with 15 repeated and familiar inquiries that trouble the traveling public. Here they are, along with our responses to them – answers with which you might disagree.

Arthur Frommer

Sunday has replaced Tuesday as best day to purchase airfares

For many years, travel “experts” have uniformly reported that Tuesday was the best day for purchasing air tickets, resulting in the lowest possible price for those ducats. All sorts of seemingly rational explanations were given for this conclusion, and various procedures and practices of the airlines were cited in favor of that “truth.”

Arthur Frommer

Japan is enjoying a big increase in American tourists

American tourism to Japan is again booming. During the month of June, nearly 90,000 Americans visited the great cities of Japan (especially Tokyo and Kyoto), more than any other monthly period in past years. During the six months from January through June of 2014, nearly 500,000 Americans visited Japan, increasing the chance that more than 1 million Americans will go there in 2014 – the highest yearly figure in all the history of American tourism to Japan.

Arthur Frommer

Call the hotel direct to get lowest-priced accommodations

The evidence seems stronger every day that the best way to get a low-cost hotel room is to place a direct phone call to the hotel itself. But you should do so, say all the travel pundits, only after you have first used an Internet search engine – like,,,, and the like – to learn which hotels already are offering big discounts off their normal rates.

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