Trio of earthquakes shook Rooks County, the strongest a 3.7 magnitude, geologists say

A Sunday morning earthquake and a pair of aftershocks Sunday night shook the ground in Rooks County, geologists say.

The Kansas Geological Survey recorded a 3.7 magnitude quake at around 8:11 a.m. Sunday, followed by a 2.4 at 9:49 p.m. and a 2.2 at 9:52 p.m. All three were centered about 9 miles west of Plainville.

The trio of quakes brings the tally to 49 earthquakes so far this year in the northwest Kansas county, according to Kansas Geological Survey data. The strongest of those was a 4.8 magnitude on June 22.

The earthquakes struck as the Kansas Corporation Commission is investigating what caused a cluster of quakes near Hutchinson last month. The investigation in Reno County by state regulators is focused on the underground disposal of oilfield waste that’s been blamed for quakes elsewhere in southern Kansas.

Kansas geologists have recorded 31 quakes so far this year in Reno County, including a pair of 4.2 magnitude quakes last month that struck three days apart.

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