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When your father is the BTK serial killer, forgiveness is not tidy

Few people are the sons or daughters of serial killers. But psychologists say all of us suffer trauma in life. How we respond defines us. One key, as Kerri Rawson’s psychologist said later, is who we have in our lives and how good they are at guiding us. Another key, as Kerri herself would say someday, is whether we can forgive the seemingly unforgivable.

Kansas 105

Kansas 105: Things to See

There are 105 counties in Kansas; we’ve listed 105 places to go as destination points. Every county has a place where you might spend a moment; maybe hours or even days.


The comprehensive timeline for Wichita’s Joyland

March 25, 1949: An article claims the new park at 2801 Hillside, which is set to open in May, has a roller coaster built from 250,000 feet of lumber. The 40-acre park was started by Lester Ottaway and his sons Herb and Harold. This will be the third and largest location for the park; it originally opened in the Planeview neighborhood in 1943 but then moved to 1500 E. Central.


Will there ever be another Joyland?

Experts say that building a new amusement park in Wichita would mean overcoming some daunting challenges, such as cost, skilled employees and being able to draw people from outside the city.

Bob Dole

Former Kansas Sen. Bob Dole named vice chair of Trump transition team

Former Kansas Senator and presidential candidate Bob Dole has been named vice chair of president-elect Donald Trump’s transition team, Trump spokesman Sean Spicer said Monday. Dole, 93, was the only former Republican presidential nominee to attend the party’s July convention in Cleveland, where Trump accepted the nomination.

Curious Wichita: How loud is Intrust Bank Arena compared to the rest of Wichita?

Intrust Bank Arena has some of the loudest sounds in Wichita. A reader wanted to know if the sound levels at concerts can damage hearing.