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Police release 911 calls in case involving Cowboys’ Joseph Randle

Hotel at WaterWalk, 711 S. Main (Feb. 6, 2015)
Hotel at WaterWalk, 711 S. Main (Feb. 6, 2015) The Wichita Eagle

“I need you to send somebody out here ASAP. Hurry. Just hurry!”

The woman is so rattled as she’s talking to the Sedgwick County 911 dispatcher that she knows she’s at the Hotel at WaterWalk but has no idea what the address is.

She utters profanities and hangs up early on the morning of Feb. 3. But she’s not the only person who called 911 about what happened at the WaterWalk that night.

Joseph Randle’s former girlfriend and mother of his child, Dalia Jacobs, also called 911 after an incident at the downtown Wichita hotel. Recordings of the calls were released by officials following an open records request linked to the incident involving Randle, a Dallas Cowboys running back.

Randle grew up in Wichita and graduated from Southeast High before playing at Oklahoma State and later being drafted by the Cowboys.

His attorney, Gary Ayers of Foulston Siefkin, issued a statement over the weekend, which he reaffirmed Monday.

“Joseph Randle regrets that he was recently involved in a party in a Wichita, Kansas, hotel that ended with the Wichita Police being called,” the statement said. “There are no criminal charges.

“A woman who was present at the party has filed a protection from abuse lawsuit, which Randle believes to have no merit. Randle asked the woman to leave the party and go home, which she refused to do. Contrary to the woman’s allegations, Randle did not threaten her or brandish a gun at any time.

“Randle has retained counsel who will contact the Wichita police to offer cooperation with any further investigation they may want to conduct. Until that time, Randle has been advised by counsel to not discuss the incident.”

On the 911 calls released Monday, Jacobs told the dispatcher that Randle “pointed the gun in front of the mother of his child.”

“He has a lot of weed,” Jacobs said a short time later during her first call to 911. “Joseph Randle just broke a window.”

She urged the dispatcher to get someone to the hotel at 711 S. Main “as soon as possible.”

Jacobs eventually admitted she is the mother of Randle’s son, but she repeatedly asked the dispatcher not to tell Randle who called 911.

“I don’t want him knowing that I called,” she said at one point. “He’s outraged.”

She told the dispatcher that Randle had a gun in the trunk of his black Challenger. When the dispatcher asked whether anyone was hurt, she said her friend “is bleeding.”

Randle wasn’t outside the hotel with them.

“They’re throwing away the weed right now because they’re scared,” she said.

The call is cut short when she says, urgently, “He’s coming! I have to go. I’m scared. Bye-bye.”

Officers arrived at the WaterWalk shortly before 3 a.m. on Feb. 3 to investigate a disturbance with a weapon, police officials have said. They found no weapon, but did find a small amount of marijuana in a hotel room registered to Randle. He was arrested on suspicion of drug possession and given a notice to appear in Municipal Court.

The marijuana possession charge was later dropped, but police say their investigation into the incident remains active. The investigation expanded, officials have said, due to “inconsistencies” in statements made by people involved.

Police have said evidence in the case will be presented to the Sedgwick County District Attorney’s Office, which will then determine which, if any, charges are warranted.

Jacobs told the dispatcher in a second call to 911 that morning that the gun was no longer there, that it was in a vehicle that had left. The police found a vehicle with a shattered passenger window, which was the black Honda Civic that Jacobs said she was driving when she went to the hotel so Randle could see their child.

Jacobs’ second call to 911 appeared to reflect a desire to minimize the events. She asked that officers not come at all.

“Everything’s fine,” she told the dispatcher. “We just talked to him, and he’s fine now. … Please don’t come.”

Even though she insisted everything was fine, Jacobs later told the dispatcher that Randle is “really angry.” She repeated her earlier pleas to dispatchers that they not tell him she called.

“I don’t want my name getting back to him at all,” she says.

Jacobs later obtained a Protection From Abuse order against Randle, which is temporarily in effect pending a court hearing later this month.

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