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Wichita police issue 23 tickets in 2 hours at city’s second-highest accident area

It took about two hours of traffic enforcement for Wichita police to write 23 citations to downtown drivers Wednesday morning.

The Wichita Police Department said in a Facebook post that the tickets were written during a traffic enforcement in the area of Kellogg and Broadway. That intersection has the second-highest number of reported accidents so far this year, police data shows.

“We’re looking for traffic violations,” department spokesman Officer Charley Davidson said in a Facebook video as the enforcement was happening. “Speeding violations, running red lights, seat belts, texting while driving.”

A similar traffic enforcement last week at Kellogg and Tyler netted 35 speeding tickets.

Kellogg, which also serves as U.S. 54 and U.S. 400 highways, is the most accident-prone road in the city, according to WPD data. Year-to-date statistics show that of the 10 intersections in the city with the most accidents, eight of them are along Kellogg. The highway also has many of the highest traffic counts among city roads, according to Kansas Department of Transportation statistics.

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