Kellogg and I-235 now set to close this weekend after rain twice delayed work

Update, Oct. 18:

After two rain delays, a planned closing of Kellogg and I-235 is rescheduled for this weekend, state transportation officials said.

All lanes of eastbound and westbound Kellogg and northbound and southbound I-235 will close at the interchange at 7 p.m. Friday night and be re-opened by 6 a.m. Monday, said Tom Hein, a Kansas Department of Transportation spokesman.

Detours will add about 3 miles and two left turns at stoplights to the drive in any direction during the closings, which will allow construction crews to complete several tasks.

The work was originally planned for the first weekend in October, but was twice delayed because of rain.

Original story:

UPDATE: The scheduled work has been postponed to the weekend of Oct. 12-15 because of weather.

Drivers at Kellogg and I-235 in Wichita can expect some delays when the interchange is closed for construction this weekend.

All lanes of eastbound and westbound Kellogg will be closed under I-235, and all lanes of northbound and southbound I-235 will be closed over Kellogg from 7 p.m. on Friday to 6 a.m. on Monday, said Kansas Department of Transportation spokesman Tom Hein.

There will be detours, but each of them adds about 3 miles and a pair of stoplights to the drive through the interchange.

“It’s going to delay everybody a little bit, but it’s not going to be a painful detour,” Hein said. “But you don’t want to be in a hurry.”

Westbound Kellogg traffic must take the ramp to northbound I-235, a ramp scheduled to re-open on Tuesday, Hein said. From there, drivers take the exit at Central, then make two left-hand turns at stoplights to get on southbound I-235, where they can take the ramp back onto westbound Kellogg.

Hein said the city of Wichita will adjust the lights at Central and I-235 to give longer green lights to people taking the detour. That also means delays for drivers on Central who must wait on longer red lights.

The ramp from West Street onto westbound Kellogg will be closed over the weekend to help relieve some congestion at the start of the detour, Hein said.

Eastbound Kellogg traffic will take the southbound I-235 ramp, then exit at K-42. Drivers then make two left-hand turns at the highway to get back on the northbound lanes of the interstate, where they take the ramp to eastbound Kellogg.

Southbound I-235 drivers must take the exit to westbound Kellogg, where they can turn around at Dugan onto eastbound Kellogg and take the ramp back onto southbound I-235.

Northbound I-235 traffic will need a longer detour than what drivers currently take. Instead of taking the ramp onto eastbound Kellogg and turning around at West Street, drivers must continue to Edwards Street, just before Meridian. Hein said the turn there will be better for semis going through the interchange. It also allows the weekend closure of the West Street ramp onto westbound Kellogg.

“With a little patience and awareness that there’s a slight delay, people will get through the area,” Hein said.

The closures and detours will allow construction crews to do some major work, Hein said. Crews will replace the bridge approaches over the Wichita-Valley Center Floodway, remove bridge construction forms from the flyover ramp and complete asphalt pavement overlays, among other work.

After the work this weekend, the eastbound Kellogg ramp to northbound I-235 is expected to open next week. The northbound I-235 flyover ramp to westbound Kellogg is expected to open later this month, Hein said.

The closures this weekend should be the last major closures of the project, Hein said. There will be some lane closures next week for pavement overlay and concrete barrier repair, and the eastbound Kellogg ramp to southbound I-235 may be closed for a few days.

For more information on work on Wichita-area highways, visit www.ksdot.org/WichitaMetro.

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