Reminder for drivers: lane and ramp closures at Kellogg, I-235 interchange

Fly over the Kellogg freeway and I-235

Drone footage of the ongoing project to reconstruct the I-235 interchange at Kellogg, also known as US-54. (May 2018)
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Drone footage of the ongoing project to reconstruct the I-235 interchange at Kellogg, also known as US-54. (May 2018)

Update: June 8

Ramp closure detours and more details about a lane closure at the Kellogg and I-235 interchange have been announced by the Kansas Department of Transportation.

The right lane of eastbound Kellogg will close from Dugan Road to West Street on Monday, June 11, remaining closed until October.

The Maple Street bridge just north of the interchange has returned to four lanes, and KDOT said some drivers may want to use that route instead of Kellogg.

The ramp from westbound Kellogg to northbound I-235 closes on Tuesday, June 12. A detour will direct traffic from westbound Kellogg to southbound I-235, then to K-42 with two left turns to get drivers onto northbound I-235.

The ramp closure also requires a new detour for eastbound Kellogg traffic to northbound I-235. Drivers will be directed to the same detour as westbound traffic.

Original story:

Traffic on West Kellogg is about to become more congested around I-235: Construction will close a lane and a ramp for four months.

Eastbound Kellogg west of I-235 will be reduced to two lanes starting June 11 for 120 days to finish bridge work over the floodway, the Kansas Department of Transportation says. The construction will also include the eastbound Kellogg ramp to northbound I-235, overhead signs and other project work.

The westbound Kellogg ramp to northbound I-235 will close for 120 days starting June 12 to finish the ramp's reconstruction.

"That's going to be a hardship and we know that, but it's unavoidable to progress to the next part of this project," said Tom Hein, the Kansas Department of Transportation public affairs manager for the Wichita metro area.

The project was designed to fix a dangerous intersection of tight cloverleaf ramps with elevated flyover ramps that was projected to gain in daily traffic.

Construction work at U.S. 54 and I-235 is a little over a year away from its estimated completion date. Work began in November 2015 after a decade of planning and is scheduled to finish next summer.

Workers ran into challenges in the floodway, Hein said. Water pumps were needed when workers dug holes for bridge piers because of a low water table. Rain has also slowed progress.

Still, the work is on schedule and may wrap up a little early, Hein said.

"You can't go into it thinking everything's going to work out right when you're working in a floodway," he said.

The latest work will lead up to the completion of ramps from Kellogg to northbound I-235.

"Those are such important milestones in the progress of this project that once they're finished will make drivers very happy," Hein said. The northbound I-235 ramp to westbound Kellogg will be the next milestone.

There may be more work at the interchange even after the project is completed next year. The current work is the first of four phases of road improvements in the area, Hein said, but funding has not yet been identified for the next phase.

This phase consists of a wider cloverleaf ramp from eastbound Kellogg to northbound I-235, a two-lane elevated flyover ramp from southbound I-235 to eastbound Kellogg and a one-lane elevated flyover ramp from northbound I-235 to westbound Kellogg. Work also includes widening the Kellogg bridge over West Street.

Future construction phases will be planned when funding sources are known, the project's website states.

The first phase's contract is worth $103 million, according to the project's website.

The website states the KDOT project was "funded in conjunction with Sedgwick County and the City of Wichita contributions," but the city did not provide any direct funding to this specific project.

For this latest work, the contractors are required to be finished in 120 days and have the lane and ramp back open.

"People that drive it every day have remarked to me that, wow, you can really see the progress on this and that it's coming along quite well," Hein said. "That's great talk. We don't always hear that on projects, because you can't always see the work that's going on."

If you were traveling on Kellogg or I-235 this weekend only to find it closed at the I-235 interchange here's why. Constructions crews from Dondlinger Construction were busy installing 12 63,000-pound bridge beams. (February 2018)