If you want cash back at Dillons grocery stores in Wichita, you’ll have to pay a fee

Customers who want cash back at Dillons grocery stores in Wichita will now have to pay a fee.

Dillons spokeswoman Sheila Lowrie said customers will be able to access up to $300 in cash from their debit cards when making purchases at store checkouts.

“This convenience was tested at our Topeka and Lawrence stores for some time before introducing to our remaining stores,” Lowrie said in an email. “We found that more than 90% of customers were able to gain access to their cash for just 50-cents... which is far less than typical ATM fees.”

For cash back between $1 and $99.99, the charge will be 50 cents. The fee increases to $1.50 for money back between $100 and $199.99, and to $3 for cash of $200 to $300.

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