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West-side restaurant closed since January should return next week with big upgrades

When the owners of the Los Compadres Mexican Grill at 3827 W. 13th St. closed the restaurant in late January, they expected it to be for only a few weeks.

But the work they did on the restaurant — which will make dining conditions much more pleasant — took longer than expected. A little more than three months later, they’re finally almost ready to reopen the restaurant. Co-owner Carlos Renteria said the west-side Los Compadres should be back in business by late next week or early the following week.

It can’t come soon enough for the restaurant’s regulars, who have started grumbling online, Renteria said.

“We were beginning to get some hate message saying, ‘We just like you guys. Why aren’t you opening? Why did you abandon us?’” Renteria said.

When customers return, they won’t notice drastic changes to the dining room. There’s now some booth seating, which is something customers had said they wanted. But the rest of the upgrades were done on the building itself.

The restaurant got some new electrical work done, and they upgraded the plumbing, which will keep the restrooms functioning better, Renteria said. The hood in the kitchen also was repaired, which will keep fajita smoke from overtaking the dining room.

Jaime Martinez and Carlos Renteria are about to get their west-side Los Compadres reopened. Courtesy photo

Most important, the restaurant got some air conditioning upgrades, which will make the dining room cooler in the summer.

“It will definitely make a difference,” Renteria said. “Their visit will be a whole lot more pleasant than it was last year at this time.”

Renteria and his partner, Jaime Martinez, closed the west-side restaurant less than a month after they opened their second location in the former Jerseys space at 3213 N. Toben.

That restaurant is a success, and the partners have worked out all the kinks, they said. Now, they’re ready to focus on the west side again.

“We feel like right now we’re at a point where we can manage the west one as well without having to cut something short from customer service or quality of food or taste of food,” Renteria said. “We’ve really nailed down the process, so if they make a visit to the west side or to the east side, they’re going to taste the exact same thing.”

I’ll update this post when Los Compadres settles on its reopening date.
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