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Gordon Ramsay-remodeled restaurant in Wichita is closing

Fetch Bar & Grill, the dog-friendly restaurant at 7718 E. 37th St. North that celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay famously remodeled in late 2017 as part of a reality television show, is closing.

On Wednesday, owner Greg Buss posted on social media that the Wichita restaurant’s last day in business would be April 28. For the past several months, Fetch has been open only on the weekends.

“It’s heartbreaking,” Buss said. “But it’s not set up for what we want to do. The location just isn’t right.”

The new Fetch in Moundridge will remain open, he said.

Buss and his wife, Pamela, originally opened Fetch as a place for people to dine with their dogs. The restaurant was struggling in 2017 when the owners were contacted by producers for a new Ramsay television show called “24 Hours to Hell and Back.” On the Fox show, the famously caustic chef tries to save a restaurant with a re-do completed in 24 hours.

The Wichita episode, which featured an extensive overhaul of the Fetch’s interior and menu, aired last July.

Things improved for a while, Buss said. But it didn’t stick. He made his own post-Ramsay overhaul to the restaurant late last year, beefing the menu back up and changing the name from Fetch Bistro to Fetch Bar & Grill.

In the meantime, the Busses joined up with a partner, who helped them open the Fetch in Moundridge. It’s going over well, Buss said, but it allows dogs only on the patio.

Buss and his partner also recently bought Margarita’s Cantina and are focusing on remodeling it. In the meantime, they started opening the Wichita Fetch only on the weekends.

Greg Buss said he hasn’t totally given up on the concept of a dog-friendly restaurant in Wichita. If he ever finds what he thinks is the right spot, he could give it another try, he said.

“We’ll just have to see someday if it will work somewhere else,” he said. “We love the concept.”

Fetch will be open this weekend and will be serving an Easter brunch. Its final days in business will be April 27-28.

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