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Here’s an update on Wichita German restaurant Prost plus a preview of its menu

Aerial tour of shipping container mall

From a drone, a bird's eye look at Revolutsia shipping container mall, near Central and Hillside.
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From a drone, a bird's eye look at Revolutsia shipping container mall, near Central and Hillside.

As is the case with most all restaurant openings, Manu English says sometimes it feels like she’s taking “one step forward and then three steps back” toward the completion of her anticipated new German restaurant, Prost.

Initially, she and her husband, Austin English, had hoped to have Prost open in the Revolutsia shipping container mall at Central and Volutsia by July. Then, they pushed it back to August.

Now, after a few unexpected setbacks (including the recent rain), the Englishes say they should have Prost open by early November.

“We’re feeling pretty confident about that,” Austin English said.

To tide us over while we wait, Manu is sharing some details about her Prost menu, which she’s been working on for months. It will allow Wichitans to dine like they’re in Germany, she said.

“I’m trying to be very close to traditional German home cooking that I grew up with and was taught by my mom,” said Manu, a German native.

Among the items that will definitely make it on the menu: potato pancakes with applesauce; sauerbraten with bread dumplings and red cabbage; jägerschnitzel with homemade spätzle; and currywurst with pommes (french fries).

She’ll likely do a Friday-night special of pork shanks with mashed potatoes and sauerkraut, and she’ll also serve homemade desserts like Black Forest cake and cheesecake.

Recently, Austin English invited everyone who signed up for Prost’s stein club to visit the nearly-finished restaurant, choose a stein and pick up the key to their lockers. Club members pay $100 a year and keep their personal steins locked up at the restaurant. For their membership, they also get discounts on beer and food.

The club sold out, English said, but a few people did not come to to claim their steins, so there are a few available. People who are interested can still sign up at www.prostwichita.com.

Manu English moved to the United States 25 years ago and opened her food truck, Let’m Eat Brats, in 2013. She and Austin long dreamed about opening a brick-and-mortar restaurant with a beer garden, and Revolutsia’s developers sold them on a space that will have two levels and a large outdoor beer garden on the upper level.

I’ll let you know when there’s a firm opening date for Prost.

Prost, a new German bar and restaurant will open soon in Revolutsia, a shipping container mall near Volutsia and Central.

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