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Take a tour of Wichita’s soon-to-open German restaurant and beer garden

If you’ve never visited a shipping container mall, it might be hard to imagine what a business set up inside a shipping container might look like.

Even if you have visited one, it might still be difficult to envision a single business set up in shipping containers stacked three high on top of each other.

That’s one of the reasons that Prost’s Austin English offered to give us a video tour of the new restaurant and beer garden that his wife, Manu, is opening in Revolutsia, the new shipping container mall that’s speeding toward completion at Central and Volutsia.

Prost now has all three levels of containers in place, and the walls and staircase inside are mostly complete. The Englishes hope to have it open by mid-August.

Manu English, who has gained a following with her 5-year-old German food truck Let’m Eat Brats, has been tempting future customers with Facebook photos of Prost menu testing she’s been conducting.

And husband Austin English has been teasing customers with peeks inside. The restaurant, which will sit in Revolutsia’s northwest corner, will have the most square feet of any other business in the development and will be made up of nine separate shipping containers.

It should seat about 100 inside and another 45-50 in a second-story beer garden outside.

Last week, Austin English showed off the space, which has dramatic two-story windows on the second level that look out onto Central. You can see the space for the beer garden on the second level on the east side.

The menu will feature bierocks, brats and schnitzel as well as things like sauerbraten, spaetzle, knodel (German dumplings), larger plates of schnitzel with gravy and homemade German desserts.

Austin English also is in charge of the restaurant’s stein club, which is already nearly sold out, he said. For $100 a year, members of the club will have an authentic German stein assigned to them. It’ll have its own special locked container, made from old ammunition boxes and hung on the wall of the restaurant. Each owner will have a key to unlock it when he or she visits. Members of the club will get $1 off the price of their beers and 10 percent off their food when they visit. The restaurant will have 316 mugs available, and they’ll all be different.

Those who want a mug need to sign up soon, he said, and can do so by visiting https://www.prostwichita.com.

While you wait, take a look at the tour, which you can find on Dining with Denise, on Facebook and at Kansas.com.

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