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Harrison Ford spotted at three Wichita restaurants in three days

Timirie Shibley poses with celebrity Harrison Ford as he leaves her diner after breakfast on Friday morning. (Feb. 3, 2017)
Timirie Shibley poses with celebrity Harrison Ford as he leaves her diner after breakfast on Friday morning. (Feb. 3, 2017) The Wichita Eagle

Keep your eyes open for Han Solo when you go out to dinner this weekend. Celebrity Harrison Ford of “Star Wars” and “Indiana Jones” fame is back in Wichita, and he’s been spotted at three restaurants in three days.

Just this morning, he was having breakfast at Doo-Dah Diner, 206 E. Kellogg. On Thursday night, he dined with a friend at Georges French Bistro, 4818 E. Central. And on Thursday, he stopped in at one of his regular haunts, Sabor at 309 N. Mead Old Town. At all three restaurants, people kept their cool and gave him space while he ate. Some approached him as he left the restaurants, but owners said they were otherwise respectful.

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Ford, an avid pilot and airplane owner, frequently comes to Wichita to have his plane serviced. His photo graces restaurant walls all over town, snapped when he stops in for a meal. He’s been a regular at Connie’s Mexico Cafe, and also has dined at Thai House, where he posed for a picture with owner Vim Oeur.

Melad Stephan, who owns Sabor, snapped a grainy photo of Ford when he was in the restaurant on Wednesday night. Ford ordered the parrila plate for two like he always does, Stephan said. Ford also ordered that dish when he visited in January 2016.

“It is so funny watching people trying to sneak a pic with their cellphones,” Stephan said.

Ford made his first visit to Georges French Bistro on Thursday.

Owner George Youssef said he wasn’t there when Ford arrived but got there before he left. The actor and his male dining companion ordered brie cheese, calamari, French onion soup and salad. Their main course was duck, and they ordered profiteroles for dessert.

“He loved the place he asked me how long I’d been in business,” Youssef said. “I told him a year, and he said, ‘You’re doing the right thing. I love your establishment.’”

On his way out the door, Ford stopped to wish a happy birthday to a diner who was celebrating, Youssef said.

Then, on Friday morning, Doo-Dah Diner owner Timirie Shibley noted that the star was sitting in one of her corner booths. She’d always had a case of Harrison Ford envy as she heard of him stopping at other restaurants around town and had hoped he’d someday stop in.

He was with a male friend and ordered crispy corned beef and hash and coffee. On the way out the door, he posed with Timirie for a picture.

Chef and owner Patrick Shibley approached him to ask if he’d enjoyed his food.

“He goes, ‘You’ve got a good gig going here,’” Patrick Shibley said. “And I said, ‘YOU’VE got a good gig going.’”