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This week in Wichita dining: Openings, closings and tasty things to do

Wichita has a busy restaurant scene, and unless you follow closely along at Dining with Denise and Kansas.com, you might miss some of the delicious developments.

Here’s an end-of-the-week rundown of everything we discovered in the past seven days. This recap is for the week of Jan. 13-19.

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The fanciest steakhouse Wichita’s seen in a while: It opens on Saturday

A Huddle House right off Kellogg: A local developer announces where he’ll build his second one.

He gave up the burger biz: But he’s trading it in for the fast-food taco biz.

Jamaican me crazy: Wichita now has Jamaican cuisine – and coco bread.

Cowboy Chicken chain picks its Wichita spot: It should be open by late May.

The return of Taco Tico: Another one is opening in an old Taco Tico building.

Cracker Barrel yes or Cracker Barrel no? West Wichita might be getting one, but it’s not a done deal.


Aldi is a haven for Wichita foodies: And they’re sharing exactly what they like to buy there.

Restaurant review: If you like your food fresh and colorful, this is your place.

Edible ‘Tide Pods’: A Wichita business pokes fun at the meme by making Tide Pods you CAN eat.

A Wichita ramen is famous: It makes a national list of really good ramen.

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