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This week in Wichita dining: Openings, closings and tasty things to do

Wichita has a busy restaurant scene, and unless you follow closely along at Dining with Denise and Kansas.com, you might miss some of the delicious developments.

Here’s an end-of-the-week rundown of everything we discovered in the past seven days. This recap is for the week of Oct. 21-27.

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Closed after less than a year: Two Mexican restaurants have opened in this space. Both have closed after less than 12 months.

One Carlos O’ Kelly’s is gone: But a mega-Carlos restaurant is yet to come.

Two local restaurants close: Two local restaurant owners express frustration.


Trunker Drunker Treat: This new outdoor downtown Halloween party is open to kids early and beer-drinking, apple-bobbing, bootie shaking adults later.

Food Trucks at the Fountain, Halloween edition: It’s the final installment of the year for this big rally, and I’ll be there passing out candy to the kiddies. Come see me.

Get a free Taco Bell taco: And thank a baseball player.


Like the Oscars for local restaurants: See which Wichita restaurants won at this annual awards ceremony.

Chili so good, it’s survived 85 years: Old Mill Tasty Shop is bringing back the original owner’s famous chili for a month.

Lina’s is putting what in their burritos? It’s weird, spicy and kind of amazing.

Starbucks’ new Zombie Frappuccino: Does it live up to the hype?

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