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Hurts Donut offering terrifying, horrifying delivery service next week

Hurts Donut is known for fun and whimsy and sweetness and sprinkles.

And now, homicidal delivery clowns bearing doughnuts and red balloons.

Next week, the doughnut shop, which has two stores in Wichita, will capitalize on the popularly of the film remake of the movie “It” by dispatching a creepy clown that bears a striking resemblance the film’s infamous, murderous gutter clown to deliver doughnuts.

“Wanna scare the sh... Shprinkles out of your friends!?” asks the shop’s Facebook post that advertises the terrifying breakfast delivery service.

Trista Patterson, who owns the local Hurts franchises, said that her clown is intended as a more general terrifying Halloween clown rather than a recreation of Pennywise, but he’ll definitely be creepy.

Her phone has been ringing nonstop since she put up the Facebook post on Monday.

“This one lady was so funny,” Patterson said. “She called and said, ‘I just want to scare the crap out of my kids. You have to come to my house.’”

“Scary Clown Deliveries” are available on Monday and Tuesday. It costs $15 for a dozen doughnuts (including one specialty clown-themed doughnut) plus $5 for the delivery and $5 for the clown. If the schedule fills up this Monday and Tuesday, which it likely will, Patterson said, she’ll likely add more deliveries Oct. 2-3.

Call 316-390-2462 to get on the schedule.

If you dare.

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