Dining With Denise Neil

What about this rumor that Whataburger is coming to Wichita?

Yay! Or not?
Yay! Or not?

The headline circulating on Facebook last week looked so real.

And the burger in the accompanying picture looked so... juicy.

Whataburger coming to Wichita in late 2017.”

Several excited readers wrote me wanting confirmation. Is it true?

Sadly, it’s as true as Matthew McConaughey moving to Mulvane and Sugar Ray playing a concert at the Applebee’s on South Broadway.

The Whataburger rumor that got so many burger fans’ hopes up last week appears to be the latest Internet hoax to hit Wichita, and this one is particularly cruel because it involves such a succulent burger.

My first clue that the post was false came when I clicked on the link and was taken to a photo of a creepy clown informing me, “You got owned.” The tally on the post said I wasn’t the only one, either. It said that 230,000 people and counting had already clicked.

But just to be double, triple sure, I reached out to Whataburger, the popular burger chain based in San Antonio. Here’s the official statement I received from Whataburger corporate communications.

“We love hearing that we have so many fans in Wichita. While we’re not currently pursuing any locations there, we’re proud to offer exceptional food and service at our more than 800 locations across 10 states. In fact, fans and customers all over the world can enjoy the unique bold flavors that are found in Whataburger restaurants in their very own homes. Whataburger's Signature Sauces, grocery products and popular retail items are available for purchase on Whataburger.com.”

At least there’s that.

Sorry, Wichita. Maybe next time.