Dining With Denise Neil

West-side Taco Shop looks very bad, but it’s actually all good

The situation looks pretty dire at the Taco Shop at the corner of Central and West streets.

The dining room is deserted, and the building is missing most of its siding, making it look like it’s been hit by a tornado or is being torn down.

But nothing bad is happening – unless you desperately want to dine-in during the next four weeks. The restaurant is just undergoing a remodel, and although the dining room will be closed for another month, the drive-through is still open for business.

The Central and West store is actually the last one in the local chain to get a remodel, said manager Ernie Hitchcock. When it’s finished, both the outside and the inside will have a new, fresh look, he said.

In the meantime, the drive through is still open, and Taco Shop fans are jamming it with business, he said. Sometimes, employees will go outside with pens and pads of paper to take orders and keep the line moving.

Anyone who wants to know what the Central and West Taco Shop will look like when it’s finished should visit the restaurant at Harry and Washington, Hitchcock said.

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