7 mistakes you might make as a first-time cruiser

The bad news: There are a number of mistakes you might make as a first-time cruiser, calling blatant attention to yourself on board. The good news: Avoiding any embarrassment or inconvenience is simple. After all, no one wants to be that person. All you need to do is consider these seven faux pas and their solutions, and everything will be smooth sailing.


An insider’s guide to the 5 best fishing spots in Kansas

Looking for a great spot to catch some fish? Here are five of the state’s best spots for this year. Smaller than our sprawling reservoirs, they’re more easily fished from shore or small boats. Most have good panfish populations so they’re ideal places for beginning anglers, of any age, to catch fish.


A guide to Paris for repeat visitors

"Where are the fan dancers?" I wondered aloud as I descended into a cave-like nightclub-cum-cabaret on the Left Bank. My friends and I sat down across from one another at a long table that spanned the rock-walled room. It was after midnight, and save for one other tipsy group, we had the place to ourselves.


New luxury at LAX

For all those celebrities and wealthy travelers who don't want to wade through the morass of paparazzi and regular passengers, a security company is debuting a unique LAX terminal with an exclusive entrance, luxury suites, well-stocked refrigerators, private bathrooms and even daybeds.


Albuquerque boasts plenty of sass and style

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. – One of my fondest travel memories was of a trip I took with my grandparents on historic Route 66 from their home in Texas to California. One of our stops was Albuquerque, where my grandfather suggested dinner at La Placita Dining Rooms and Cantina in Old Town.


Wellness springs eternal in Calistoga, Calif.

Old Faithful Geyser was showing off: spewing his endless stream of hot mineral water high into the blue sky. He is definitely the oldest "character" I met on a recent trip to Calistoga, Calif.: about several million years old, if you go way back to his humble geothermal beginnings deep underground. In the late 19th century he was released from his primordial prison and has reigned intermittently ever since. A friend and I sat and watched him for a while as we munched on a selection of take-out delicacies from Sushi Mambo. Not a bad way to begin a four-day immersion into the heart, soul and taste buds of this charming town.


You'll be surprised what's brewing in the Palm Springs oasis

Bogey went to Casablanca for the waters and was famously reminded by Claude Rains that they were in a desert. These days, those in the know head to Palm Springs, Calif., another desert oasis, for the craft beer, the locally distilled gin, and the indigenous whisky. That's right – this desert resort town is brewing up a proper beverage revolution, even including a rethink of the most popular drink of the day, around these parts: the first cocktail of the evening. Next time you're in town and the heat is on, escape indoors for a sip.


TSA Precheck speeds up security screening at airports

The TSA Precheck streamlines and speeds up the passenger screening process at security checkpoints at airports. Passengers enrolled in the program do not need to remove shoes, laptops, liquids, belts and light jackets.
Transportation Security Administration
TSA Precheck speeds up security screening at airports 2:15

TSA Precheck speeds up security screening at airports

From an Airbus jet at 34,000 feet, the lightning show was amazing 1:15

From an Airbus jet at 34,000 feet, the lightning show was amazing

Cuddly critters: Baby animals at KC Zoo get extra TLC 5:22

Cuddly critters: Baby animals at KC Zoo get extra TLC

The best airlines of 2017 1:03

The best airlines of 2017

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