Partake of the port in picturesque Portugal

Porto ages happily on the Douro River, along with most of the world’s port wine, near where the river meets the Atlantic. Porto comes with a steady sea breeze and a seagull soundtrack. Discount airlines like Ryanair now fly straight to the city, putting it within easy reach of budget travelers.


Wrong dates for nonrefundable rental car

Q: Our daughter, Anna, who is currently in Germany, recently made a reservation on, the website of a European car rental company. She reports that she found the rate on, which she accessed from her laptop. She then was taken to a payment page on without any intervening page to confirm the date entered, which she asserts she entered correctly. Anna typed in her credit card number and was presented with a confirmation and receipt that showed the reservation. It was for the wrong date – Oct. 26 instead of Oct. 19.

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