Decrepit desert water park may find new life

NEWBERRY SPRINGS, Calif. - Few sites are sadder, existentially so, than an abandoned amusement park. Once a place of fun and frivolity, magic moments and cherished memories, it gets reduced through time and neglect to a wind-swept shell of itself, a crumbling monument to the ethereality of youthful glee.


A 'Sideways' inspired getaway to Santa Barbara's wine country

It was 10 years ago that Alexander Payne's quirky little film, "Sideways," landed on the silver screen. Merlot was trashed. Pinot noir began its ascendancy. A Saab bit the dust. And as sad sack novelist Miles and his about-to-be-married buddy, Jack, wove their way past country lanes and vineyards, it suddenly dawned on filmgoers that this was not Napa.


New York piles the presents high

The Big Apple is a metropolis for all seasons. In a 2000 film, Richard Gere and Winona Ryder spent "Autumn in New York." "Sex in the City's" fab four - Carrie, Miranda, Samantha and Charlotte, in their flowery frocks and strappy sandals - seem to live in a perpetual Manhattan spring/summer.

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