What’s new at regional zoos

Area zoos are featuring baby elephants, visiting koalas and new exhibits. Fall is the perfect time to visit a zoo. As the weather cools, some animals become more active.


When leaves change

The best time to visit is usually mid-October for fall color, but it depends on the weather and your altitude. (Leaves change earlier at higher elevations.).


Great Western drives

In national parks throughout the West, rangers and traffic engineers work long hours to nudge travelers out of their cars and onto trails - or at least onto shuttle buses and other less polluting alternatives. But the dramatic roads that the National Park Service carved out in the early 20th century aren't going away.


When skiing is sheer bliss

Winter was still in charge when we spotted them, raggedy brown patches staining the snow at Snowmass Ski Resort, in central Colorado's Pritkin County. In any other year we might have been greeted by mounds of powder on the Cirque, with a generous swath under Sheer Bliss, our favorite chairlift. The basics, indeed, for a last-of-the-season caper.


To survive two weeks on Route 66, keep smiling, even when you’re lost

Driving Route 66 sounds so simple: Pick up the road in Chicago and follow it 2,448 miles to Los Angeles. If only. The patchwork of roads zigs and zags, switches names and numbers, and sometimes just dead-ends. If you are not paying attention – or even if you are – you can end up on the interstate or heading east instead of west. (I did both several times.) To help you stick to the route, plus savor the freedom of the road, here are some tips I gleaned from a two-week trip in July.


7 must-watch shows for your family this fall

Whether you've cut the cord or love live TV, there's plenty to entertain the fam this fall. You'll find strong female leads, uniquely gifted characters, history lessons, and more in a lineup that features diverse characters and celebrates the human spirit. Also, oldies-but-goodies "Gilmore Girls" and "Anne of Green Gables" return to the screen in promising-looking reboots sure to win new fans.


Komen Race for the Cure in downtown Wichita

Two women, a breast cancer survivor and another currently battling the disease, talk about taking part in the Komen Race for the Cure.
Komen Race for the Cure in downtown Wichita 1:27

Komen Race for the Cure in downtown Wichita

Goddard QB Blake Sullivan 1:14

Goddard QB Blake Sullivan

Goddard tailback Kody Gonzalez 1:03

Goddard tailback Kody Gonzalez

Mulvane coach Dave Fennewald 2:21

Mulvane coach Dave Fennewald

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