Volterra: Tuscany’s top hill town

Just a two-hour drive from jammed-with-tourists Florence, you’ll find what is perhaps Italy’s most underrated hill town – Volterra. With rustic vitality and surprising depth, its out-of-the-way location keeps it from being trampled by visitors.

Arthur Frommer

Unrealistic honeymoon odyssey likely hit $30,000 or more

The travel sections of several leading American newspapers seem to engage in an alternating pattern of reality and nonreality. For months on end, they devote pages to recommending ultra-deluxe hotels that no normal American could possibly afford, and then – when called out by critics – they spend a week or two on realistic expenditures before reverting to their normal, desired areas of glamor and luxury.


Europe far from the madding crowd

Crowds are becoming an increasing nuisance at top European attractions. There’s almost no way to experience places like the Sistine Chapel or the Palace of Versailles without a constant and raging commotion of tourists. It’s not uncommon to find hour-or-more waits in ticket-buying lines and rooms packed shoulder-to-shoulder with visitors and intercontinental body odor. So it’s up to smart tourists to do whatever is possible to minimize hassles and maximize their experience.

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