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Positional power rankings: from QB to D-line, here are the Wichita area’s best players

Carroll, Heights put on game of fireworks in the City League

Bishop Carroll and Wichita Heights traded big plays all night, but the Golden Eagles eventually made too many of them for a 36-20 win on Friday. Carroll running back Jackson Nichols scored three touchdowns.
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Bishop Carroll and Wichita Heights traded big plays all night, but the Golden Eagles eventually made too many of them for a 36-20 win on Friday. Carroll running back Jackson Nichols scored three touchdowns.

With a strong senior class gone from 2018, it’s time for new names to step into the spotlight.

Here are the top players at key positions heading into the 2019 Kansas high school football season in the Wichita area, as ranked by Varsity Kansas and The Eagle.


Wichita Northwest high school football: Josh Carter, Reagan Jones
Wichita Northwest senior linebacker Josh Carter (44) hugs junior quarterback Reagan Jones (7) after the Grizzlies 23-22 win over the Bishop Carroll Golden Eagles on Friday night. (Aug. 31, 2018) Hayden Barber The Wichita Eagle

  1. Reagan Jones - Wichita Northwest, QB, Sr.

  2. Grant Adler - Derby, QB, Sr.

  3. Aiden Niedens - Bishop Carroll, QB, Jr.

  4. Collin Mackey - Eisenhower, QB, Sr.

  5. Eli Fahnestock - Andover, QB, Jr.

  6. Tanner Cash - Clearwater, QB, Jr.

  7. Colin Shiels - Maize South, QB, Jr.

  8. Kyler Semrad - Goddard, QB, Jr.

  9. Shomari Parnell - Andover Central, QB, Sr.

  10. John Honas - Bishop Carroll, QB, Sr.

Running back

112418derbybluevalleynorth_ (11)
Derby running back #22 Tre Washington breaks loose for a 69 yard touchdown run against Blue Valley North Saturday afternoon in 6A State Championship. (November 24, 2018) Bo Rader The Wichita Eagle

  1. Tre Washington - Derby, RB, Sr.

  2. Caden Cox - Maize, RB, Sr.

  3. Cole Diffenbaugh - Mulvane, RB, Sr.

  4. Mason Edwards - Maize South, RB, Sr.

  5. Peyton Henry - Andover, RB, Sr.

  6. Parker Wenzel - Eisenhower, RB, Sr.

  7. Scott Grider - Halstead, RB, Sr.

  8. Colin Koester - Conway Springs, RB, Sr.

  9. Peyton Winter - Conway Springs, RB, Sr.

  10. Joe Williams III - Wichita North, RB, Sr.


Maize high school football
Maize junior receiver Preven Christon goes up for one of his three touchdown catches in the Eagles’ state semifinal game at Wichita Northwest on Friday. (Nov. 16, 2018) Hayden Barber The Wichita Eagle

  1. Preven Christon - Maize, WR, Sr.

  2. Cavion Walker - Derby, WR, Sr.

  3. Davin Simms - Derby, WR, Jr.

  4. Zion Jones - Wichita Northwest, WR, Sr.

  5. Kaeden Hoefer - Goddard, WR, Sr.

  6. Xavier Bell - Andover Central, WR, Sr.

  7. Carter Morrow - Goddard, WR, Sr.

  8. Ty Garrett - Salina South, WR, Sr.

  9. Chance Omli - Eisenhower, WR, Sr.

  10. Kale Schroeder - Sedgwick, WR, Sr.

Tight end


  1. Cody Stufflebean - McPherson, TE, Sr.

  2. Quinton Stewart - Salina Central, TE, Sr.

  3. Jacob Karsak - Derby, TE, Sr.

  4. Blake Mitchell - Goddard, TE, Sr.

  5. Max Bullinger - Bishop Carroll, TE, Sr.

Offensive line

Derby’s Alex Conn @AlexConn79/Twitter

  1. Alex Conn - Derby, OL, Sr.

  2. Cody Fayette - Maize South, OL, Sr.

  3. Javon Wheeler - Wichita Northwest, OL, Sr.

  4. Ethan McMillan - Bishop Carroll, OL, Sr.

  5. Kevin Washington - Derby, OL, Sr.

  6. Tristin Reasoner - Wichita Northwest, OL, Sr.

  7. Matthew Beyer - Mulvane, OL, Sr.

  8. Ben Purvis - Bishop Carroll, OL, Jr.

  9. Isiah Canidy - Wichita West, OL, Sr.

  10. Nate Harding - Maize, OL, Jr.

Defensive line

howell, zeke.jpg
Zeke Howell, Goddard nose guard

  1. Zeke Howell - Goddard, DL, Sr.

  2. Tyler Dorsey - Derby, DL, Sr.

  3. Quinton Stewart - Salina Central, DL, Sr.

  4. Kyle Haas - Maize, DL, Jr.

  5. Zach Saville - Maize South, DL, Sr.

  6. Calvin Benefiel - Maize South, DL, Sr.

  7. Connor Hall - Andover, DL, Sr.

  8. Phoenix Smith - Bishop Carroll, DL, Sr.

  9. Keaton Robertson - Maize, DL, Sr.

  10. Kenny Fehrman - Wellington, DL, Jr.


_MG_2849 (2).JPG
Hayden Barber The Wichita Eagle

  1. Dhimani Butler - Goddard, LB, Sr.

  2. Mac Brand - Andale, LB, Sr.

  3. Jack Wiens - Wichita Northwest, LB, Sr.

  4. Mason Thrash - McPherson, LB, Sr.

  5. Trey Degarmo - Andover Central, LB, Sr.

  6. Darrius Cooper - Wichita Northwest, LB, Sr.

  7. Isaac Hilt - Wellington, LB, Sr.

  8. John Nowak - Garden Plain, LB, Sr.

  9. Jerimiah Brown - Wichita West, LB, Sr.

  10. Caden Parthemer - Andale, LB, Jr.

Defensive back

_MG_2646 (2).JPG
Maize South’s Trevion Mitchell Hayden Barber The Wichita Eagle

  1. Trevion Mitchell - Maize South, DB, Sr.

  2. Scotti Easter - Andale, DB, Sr.

  3. Jakob Feil - McPherson, DB, Sr.

  4. Andrew Hanlin - Maize, DB, Sr.

  5. Larry Cherry - Wichita Southeast, DB, Sr.

  6. Nalell Kapten - Goddard, DB, Sr.

  7. Justin Powell - Bishop Carroll, DB, Sr.

  8. Dalton Nichols - Bishop Carroll, DB, Sr.

  9. Terry Ginyard - Derby, DB, Sr.

  10. Jarius Kennedy - Kapaun Mt. Carmel, DB, Sr.


Hayden Barber The Wichita Eagle

  1. David Kemp - Andover, K, Jr.

  2. Landon White - Wichita Southeast, Sr.

  3. Ethan Wiens - Maize South, K, Sr.

  4. Clay Gagnon - Collegiate, K, Jr.

  5. Blake Robison - Andover Central, K, Sr.

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