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Ranking Wichita State’s basketball players: 31-40 (+video)

VIDEO: The Greatest Shockers - Nos. 31-40

Paul Suellentrop, Bob Lutz and Kirk Seminoff talk about the latest 10 to be revealed.
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Paul Suellentrop, Bob Lutz and Kirk Seminoff talk about the latest 10 to be revealed.

Eagle columnist Bob Lutz ranks the Wichita State basketball program’s best players, 10 per week through March 12. Go to to see bios of players already revealed.

31. P.J. Couisnard

6-4 guard-forward


Years at WSU: 2004-08

Couisnard ranks among the top 20 in points (1,303), rebounds (685), assists (332), steals (148) and blocked shots (98) and was selected to the all-Missouri Valley Conference defensive team three times. He averaged in double figures as a sophomore, junior and senior.

32. Jamar Howard

6-5 forward

Overland Park (Miege)

Years at WSU: 2001-05

Howard is one of the most animated and toughest Shocker players in history. A fierce rebounder, he averaged 5.7 boards for his career to go with 1,571 points and a 12.7-point scoring average. Howard was a career 53-percent shooter and a two-time all-Missouri Valley Conference player.

33. Randy Burns

5-11 guard


Years at WSU: 2001-05

Burns averaged at least 12.1 points in each of his four seasons and scored 1,599 career points. He’s also the Shockers’ three-point basket leader with 248. Burns was amazingly consistent during his career and helped the Shockers to three straight trips to the NIT after more than a decade of struggles.

34. Rich Morsden

6-4 forward

Kansas City, Kan. (Wyandotte)

Years at WSU: 1972-74

A junior-college transfer from Hutchinson, Morsden put together two outstanding seasons as a Shocker. averaging 15 points and 8.1 rebounds as a sophomore, then 16.9 points and 9.2 rebounds a season later. Morsden teamed with Bob Wilson to give the Shockers a lethal 1-2 punch.

35. Bob Hodgson

6-6 center


Years at WSU: 1953-56

Hodgson averaged 17.5 points and 11.5 rebounds for the Shockers during his senior season, taking advantage of a deadly hook shot with either his right or left hand. As as sophomore, Hodgson averaged 9.6 points and 5.9 rebounds for the Shockers’ first NIT team.

36. Carl Hall

6-8 forward-center

Cochran, Ga.

Years at WSU: 2011-13

Hall, a physical frontcourt player, gave the Shockers an inside presence for two years and was instrumental in helping Wichita State reach the Final Four in 2013. He averaged 12.5 points and a team-high 6.8 rebounds as a senior, utilizing size, speed and quickness.

37. Sasha Radunovich

6-10 center

Titograd, Yugoslavia

Years at WSU: 1985-89

The colorful Radunovich played with flair and scored 1,463 points in his career. His best season was as a junior in 1987-88, when he averaged 14.1 points and 7.2 rebounds for an Eddie Fogler-coached team that reached the NCAA Tournament. Radunovich ranks No. 14 on WSU’s career scoring list and No. 15 in rebounding.

38. Joe Ragland

6-0 guard

West Springfield, Mass.

Years at WSU: 2010-12

Ragland, a senior on WSU’s first NCAA Tournament team under Gregg Marshall, had one of the most remarkable shooting seasons in Shocker history. He made nearly 57 percent of his shot attempts and was 59 of 117 (50.4 percent) from the three-point line while averaging a team-high 13.4 points.

39. Kyle Wilson

6-8 forward

Plano, Texas

Years at WSU: 2004-07

A transfer from Illinois, Wilson was a great complement to center Paul Miller on some outstanding Shocker teams. He averaged 11.6 points and 5.0 rebounds during his career and averaged 11.3 points and 5.8 rebounds for WSU’s Sweet 16 NCAA Tournament team in 2005-06.

40. Jamie Arnold

6-8 center-forward

Oak Park, Mich.

Years at WSU: 1993-97

Arnold was an outstanding player on some of the worst WSU teams. He was a 50.1-percent career shooter who averaged 12 points and 8.6 rebounds during his career in 87 games. His 749 rebounds and 8.6 rebounding average both rank No. 12 in Shocker history.

Paul Suellentrop, Bob Lutz and Kirk Seminoff talk about the latest 10 to be revealed.

Players already revealed

41. Joe Stevens

42. Ron Heller

43. Malcolm Armstead

44. Vince Smith

45. Cal Bruton

46. Clevin Hannah

47. Steve Grayer

48. Don Woodworth

49. Garrett Stutz

50. Melvin Reed

51. Dave Leach

52. Randy Smithson

53. Paul Scheer

54. J.T. Durley

55. Tony Martin

56. Leonard Kelley

57. Ron Mendell

58. Sean Ogirri

59. Bob Trogele

60. Gus Santos

61. Robert Gray

62. Terrell Benton

63. Darius Carter

64. Dwight Praylow

65. Paul Guffrovich

66. Ramon Clemente

67. Charlie Brent

68. Ray Shirley

69. Matt Braeuer

70. Preston Carrington

71. Henry Carr

72. Rob Kampman

73. Neil Strom

74. Robert George

75. Karl Papke

76. Jim Givens

77. John Smith

78. Gaylon Nickerson

79. Troy Mack

80. Jim McNerney

81. Joe Griffin

82. Lew Hill

83. Graham Hatch

84. Steve Kalocinski

85. Ozell Jones

86. L.D. Swanson

87. C.C. McFall

88. Darin Miller

89. John Gales

90. Larry Callis

91. Aaron Hogg

92. Terry Hankton

93. Ev Wessel

94. Bill Lang

95. Gary Thompson

96. Evan Wessel

97. Darrin Williams

98. Ryan Herrs

99. Dwayne Praylow

100. David Kyles

Go to to see bios of players who have already been revealed, plus watch a video of Eagle sportswriters talking about players 31-40.

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