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The Thunder's greatest players: No. 2 Bobby Desjardins

Before the season, The Eagle asked Thunder fans on the 20 greatest players for 20 seasons. We’re introducing one weekly throughout the season.

No. 2: Bobby Desjardins

When he turned away the final Tulsa shot to clinch the Thunder’s first CHL championship in 1994, Desjardins finished a remarkable two-year run as the league’s top goaltender. He was Rookie of the Year in 1992-93, the team’s first season, and by the end of 1994 he the league MVP and final remaining original Thunder player. He had goals-against averages of 4.63 and 4.00 before retiring as a player to become assistant coach at Miami (Ohio) while earning his master’s degree.

Previous players

3. Jason Duda

4. Daniel Tetrault

5. Ron Handy

6. Brent Sapergia

7. Rob Weingartner

8. Bryan Wells

9. Bob Berg

10. Sean O’Reilly

11. Dave Doucette

12. Paul Jackson

13. Jim Latos

14. Steve Chelios

15. Jim McGeough

16. Sebastien Laplante

17. Matt Robinson

18. Paul Esdale

19. Jeff Leiter

20t. Cory Dosdall

20t. Tom Roulston

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