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K-State Q&A: SEC reviews, bad losses, Will Ferrell and beer

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It’s time for another K-State Q&A.

Lots of great questions to get to this week, so let’s dive right in. Thanks, as always, for asking them.

While I love a good conspiracy theory, and the whole Big 12 officials on the field/SEC officials in the replay booth opens the door for many of them, there is nothing to punish here. Both conferences consider the matter closed.

I think they got the review wrong. Maybe Kyle Shurmur’s knee was down. Maybe it wasn’t. From the angles shown at the game and on ESPN, you just couldn’t see enough to overturn the original call. The result of the play should have been a Kendall Adams touchdown. The SEC replay crew thought otherwise (maybe they saw different angles?) and changed the play accordingly. I highly doubt there was any foul play here.

Anymore, reviews feel like a coin flip in college football and the NFL.

Best if we all just move on. K-State had plenty of chances to win that game with or without that touchdown. Vanderbilt punted on the next play. If the Wildcats take care of business and score a touchdown there, they take a 14-7 regardless of the review.

If K-State plays well, no one is talking about that review today.

In some ways, I think they got too creative.

K-State has a skilled, veteran offensive line and two bruising running backs. Yet the Wildcats barely tried to run at Vanderbilt between the tackles. They also have a great group of blocking receivers, but didn’t try any bubble screens or pick plays.

Look back at last season. The Wildcats were at their best on offense after Jesse Ertz injured his shoulder and they focused on simple plays and gave the ball to their running backs. They should remember that the next time they try and air it out.

K-State should be heavily favored in that game. Wildcats by 21.

Don’t love it. Don’t hate it.

I would prefer an evening kickoff for the Big 12 championship game, but that would put it up against some other conference championship games. The morning kick should give it more of a standalone appeal, and serve as a solid lead-in to the SEC championship game. We will see how it goes.

K-State passes to the tight end are a lot like Bigfoot sightings. They don’t come along often, and even the people who see it are surprised.

Jesse Ertz actually threw to Dayton Valentine twice against Vanderbilt.

He caught one of his targets for eight yards. It’s too bad Ertz overthrew him in the flat on the other attempt, because he had tons of room in front of him.

It really depends on your definition of disappointing losses. Clearly, losing at Baylor in 2012 is the most crushing loss of Snyder’s second stint as K-State coach, because the Wildcats were 10-0 at the time. But I feel like you are referring more to losses that were unexpected.

K-State doesn’t lose very often when it is favored. Here are five times it hasn’t lived up to expectations since 2009. Let’s call them bad losses.

5. North Dakota State in 2013: We all know how good NDSU was, but it was still a home loss to a FCS team.

4. Auburn in 2014: Missed field goals and missed opportunities cost K-State in front of a terrific home crowd.

3. Vanderbilt in 2017: Scored seven points in front of a crowd that was half purple.

2. Nebraska in 2010: K-State fans badly wanted to send Nebraska out of the conference with a L, but the Huskers won 48-13.

1. Baylor in 2012: Wildcats were on their way to the national championship game with a win in Waco.

Stat of the season, right there.

While I doubt completing a pass to Dalton Schoen would have pushed K-State to victory against Vanderbilt, he could have been useful across the middle. I was surprised he didn’t play more than he did.

My parents told me never to smoke when I was a teenager, and I completely ignored that advice when a friend pulled out some cigarettes at a high school party when I was 17. Pretty sure I even bragged about how I was about to go against their wishes.

But after about 10 seconds with that cigarette in my mouth, I realized I was making a huge mistake. I hated cigarettes that quickly. Haven’t touched one since.

I gave cigars a try in my mid 20s and liked smoking one every few months, but that also got old quick. I genuinely hate smoking. Tobacco isn’t my thing.

Will Ferrell.

I vow to use his More Cowbell gif to promote blog questions next week!

Jim Carey and Adam Sandler have some pretty good ones, too.

College Kellis would have earned $5,000 without any trouble.

But that was a long time ago. Now that I’m a father of two with bills to pay, I would ... Go for $10,000! You probably thought I was going to go the other direction. But that’s too much money to wimp out on. Hopefully, the beer would be Natty Light and it would come from a Kansas grocery store so the 3.2 percent ABV would help me out.

I cut the cord on cable/satellite TV more than a year ago, so when I watch TV I hit Netflix pretty hard.

Most of the time, I will finish a good show like BoJack Horseman in about a week. Narcos and BoJack both came out with new seasons earlier this month, and I’ve already finished both of them. What am I going to watch next? Any suggestions?

Of course, I’m just happy to get to watch any show of my choosing. When my kids are awake, they own the TV.

Here’s the thing about NFL uniforms: They are all pretty bland. Outside of the Seattle Seahawks and those hideous color rush jerseys every team wears on Thursday night, the jerseys don’t feature much beyond two colors, a number and a name.

I like the original uniforms you see in the college game better.

But there are some good pro looks out there. Outside of the Cowboys, I guess I would lean toward the Patriots. I like the stripe on the shoulders and the team logos on the sleeves. The new Lions look in purple and gray would look sharp, too. The Dolphins also have a cool single color design that would look pretty good in purple.

I would approve any of those.

Let me start by saying two things.

1. I think Kansas City would support either sport in Sprint Center.

2. I highly doubt a team from either sport is on the way to Sprint Center.

But I would probably lean toward the NHL over the NBA. People in this region like basketball more than hockey, but they are college basketball fans. I’m not so sure they would fall for a pro team after all these years supporting the college game. Maybe they would. But I have some doubts.

Hockey feels like more of an untapped market. I haven’t been to many NHL games, but they have all been fun. I think KC fans would support a hockey team, especially a winner. Nashville locals wouldn’t shut up about the Predators last week. A winning hockey team could do well at Sprint.

Kellis Robinett: @kellisrobinett