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Exciting to see new Cargill headquarters

It is exciting to see an artist rendering of Cargill’s new $60 million headquarters, which will be built at the current location of The Wichita Eagle building at 825 E. Douglas. The beautiful four-story, 188,000-square-foot building will house Cargill’s 800 employees. The city also will help build a 750-space parking garage that the public can use after business hours, such as for events at Intrust Bank Arena. The new complex is expected to open in the summer of 2018. The Eagle decided to sell its property after it moved its newspaper printing to Kansas City and no longer needed such a large building. It will remain downtown but has yet to finalize its new location. Though it may be a little sad for The Eagle to leave its longtime building, it is wonderful that the property will be put to good use by a great company. – Phillip Brownlee