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Missing servicemen finally coming home

It’s sad but also comforting that the long-missing remains of two Kansas servicemen were identified recently. U.S. Air Force Maj. Dean Klenda was missing for nearly 50 years before being identified in North Vietnam and returned to Kansas for burial last week. His sister, Deanna Klenda, never gave up hope, working relentlessly with the U.S. military to keep up the search. Navy seaman Lewis Lowell Wagoner was missing for nearly 75 years following the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor. His family was notified Sunday that his remains had been identified. Even after being missing so long, it was great comfort to both families to know that their loved ones had been found and were coming home. Gratitude is due the POW/MIA Accounting Agency for its extraordinary efforts to locate and return these and other missing service members. – Phillip Brownlee