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Letters on young professionals, voting out lawmakers, ALEC, Trump, Billy Graham, Cindy Klose, Macey Hensley

Young people can help make city better

I’ve been considering how young people and young professionals in our community aren’t always as engaged in local and state issues as we wish they were, and what could be done to help them understand how important their voices are to our future. Though I know their lives are busy with careers, hobbies, personal passions and family, the needs of our community must join the priority list.

Determining what is going to shape the next generation for Wichita needs to be addressed now to assure a bright future. Arts, culture, health and education are key driving factors in economic development and need to be considered in upcoming community engagement opportunities.

If you’re a parent, grandparent, co-worker, neighbor or church member of young professionals/parents, please talk to them about being aware of local issues that will affect them and their families. We must continue to support the local gems that we have here or our biggest loss will continue to be our young people, and we cannot afford to export any more of our amazing talent.

Talk to a young professional in your circle; help make our community better in a new way.

Arlen R. Hamilton, Wichita

President, Wichita Arts Council

Vote them out

“Shameful” is too weak a word to describe actions of the Kansas legislators who voted to adjourn without presenting a balanced budget to the governor. They proved their subjugation to a governor who almost certainly will continue to follow failed economic policies responsible for present financial disasters.

Thanks to the senators and representatives who voted to stay in session and uphold their sworn duty. The others who didn’t and will be campaigning for re-election will be putting some inventive spins on why they voted the way they did, and why they rubber-stamped so many of the governor’s wishes in the past. I hope they don’t make us so dizzy we fail to vote them out of office.

Mary E. Akin, Wichita

ALEC running state

When I vote, I do not see the names of the Koch-affiliated American Legislative Exchange Council or the Kansas Policy Institute on the ballot. Yet the members of these groups are running our state government, and running it into the ground.

A recent ALEC commentary was a sure sign that Gov. Sam Brownback and most state legislators owe more allegiance to ALEC and KPI than they do to Kansas citizens, who right now are feeling the sting of public service cuts (“Drop in ranking due to spending, not tax cuts,” April 21 Opinion).

Government is supposed to serve everybody, not just the wealthy. Yet profit is the motivation behind everything ALEC and KPI want to do.

Privatize and cut services for the benefit of stockholders. Get rid of public employee unions. Pay public servants as little as possible. Cut services, such as school librarians and school nurses, but make sure stockholders make a profit.

Kansas citizens are paying the price in decreased services and higher taxes for an ideology that everyone but those who are most blinded by that ideology can see is unworkable.

Diane Wahto, Wichita

Veiled attack

A letter writer suggested it is the “rulemakers and administrators” who are the problem with public education, and the only problem (“Listen to teachers,” May 1 Letters to the Editor). Accordingly, get rid of these state employees with further cuts and reallocation of funds, and Gov. Sam Brownback’s attack on public schools makes perfect sense, even possibly making it tantalizingly close to solving a portion of the state’s budget problems.

Of course, this is nonsensical, because every organization, whether it is private or public, needs supervisors and staff. Without these, public education could not function.

Making the thinly disguised argument that public school costs are being grossly mismanaged means that those who support the governor’s plan to privatize public schools won’t have to attack teachers in the process. That, essentially, would be a public relations mistake on their part, and they know it.

So they vilify the administration while claiming that teachers are being hamstrung by “rulemakers” who are limiting the creativity of both teacher and student.

This is simply another veiled attack by the right wing to destroy public education and replace it with Christian-run schools.

Michal Betz, Wichita

Rescuing America

Perhaps there has been some worship, some dogmatic pursuit, of a failed, distorted or unobtainable form of conservatism. What needs rescuing and preserving is America, our exceptionalism, our very sovereignty, our identity, our religious and political freedoms. If we preserve that, even with an unorthodox conservative at our helm, is that not the purest form of conservatism?

Carol Krantz Webb, Wichita

Lost our way

Put a fork in America, folks, ’cause we’re done. When voters stand behind a man as shallow, undiplomatic, mean-spirited, uncouth and all over the map policywise as Donald Trump, we’ve not only lost our collective minds, we’ve lost our way.

He’s not going to build that wall, deport 11 million people or bring back manufacturing – not when businessmen like him depend on cheap labor, and when Americans won’t pick their own food. And no matter what he does, manufacturing isn’t coming back, because even when Americans can buy American they go for the cheaper stuff.

Neither will Trump leave NATO nor fix the mess in the Middle East, because the first is stupidity and the second is impossible short of World War III.

So go ahead – vote for the guy because he’s not an “experienced politician.” But keep in mind what that means.

Would any of us walk into a hospital with a life-threatening illness and shoo away the doctor in favor of the janitor? Sure, both people have worked there for years, but one mops the floors and the other “experienced” person can save your life.

I’m all for clean floors, but who cares about that if you’re dead?

Kathleen Butler, Wichita

Graham warned us

“I don’t want to see religious bigotry in any form. It would disturb me if there was a wedding between the religious fundamentalists and the political right. The hard right has no interest in religion except to manipulate it.”

This quote by the Rev. Billy Graham was recorded in Parade magazine in 1981. I remember him writing something similar toward the end of his autobiography.

As I have watched, much of conservative Christianity has changed over the decades. It has begun to look and sound a lot like the fundamentalism mentioned by Graham. The far right is, well, the far right.

Rick Woolard, Wichita

Klose like Jeter

Retiring KWCH news anchor Cindy Klose is the Derek Jeter of news broadcasters.

Frank La Forge, Wichita

Macey is delightful

Score a slam dunk for little Macey Hensley and Kansas tourism (“6-year-old presidential whiz now promoting Kansas tourism,” April 27 Eagle). I have watched her on “The Ellen DeGeneres Show” for a while and am awed by her knowledge and grace. She is such a delightful little girl representing Kansas and showing other little children that nothing is impossible.

Jeanne-Marie Neuroth, Wichita

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