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Write in McMullin for president

Evan McMullin’s presidential bid is a long shot. But he is a true patriot who has served our country in the CIA and as a Republican policy adviser. He has a sound understanding of world issues and would use his counterterrorism experience to act effectively and delicately in protecting our country from global threats.

McMullin is consistently conservative and has the moral character and dignified demeanor I want leading our country.

Through coordination of write-in efforts, there is a chance of detracting enough electoral votes from the major parties to allow the House to choose McMullin to be our next president.

Wichitans are a conservative, God-fearing people who love their families and their country. We respect people’s differences and appreciate the diversity here in our community. Let’s honor those values by choosing a candidate who also respects our values and the dignity associated with being the president of the United States.

Amanda Nielson, Wichita

What most want

The writer of “Save the U.S.” (Nov. 1 Letters to the Editor) assumes that “most people” agree with his alt-right views, but my experience tells me that’s not true.

Most of us support women’s rights and clinics that provide health care specifically for us. We want the richest Americans to pay their fair share of taxes, because we are tired of the middle class bearing the burden of supporting our infrastructure. We support separation of church and state and don’t want religious ideology dictating public policy.

We support alternatives to fossil fuels and believe global warming is a real threat to the human race. The majority of Americans support gay rights and don’t want to see individuals marginalized because of who they are or whom they love.

Most of us fear homegrown terrorists stockpiling large arsenals of weapons more than we fear desperate refugees trying to escape war. Most Americans prefer peaceful solutions to international conflicts, not further military interventions or threats of using nuclear weapons in the Middle East. Most of us support quality public education and access to affordable health care.

I believe we will truly see what “most” Americans really want this coming Tuesday.

Mary Caruso, Goddard

Valuable interview

Donald Trump was interviewed recently by EWTN news director Raymond Arroyo. Because EWTN is a Catholic TV channel, few potential voters likely watched the interview. However, this production is very informative.

Trump strongly supported religious liberty and opposed abortion. Though he refused to discus his personal religious beliefs, his responses to Arroyo’s questions were detailed and passionate.

Trump mentioned that his mother was an immigrant from Scotland. This is evidence that he has no objection to immigrants. Those who are legal immigrants to our country should feel that they have an ally in Trump.

I recommend that all voters seek out this interview to get information free of the anger that surrounds this election.

Richard C. Gilmartin, Wichita

Voted for her

Oh, yes, Catholics can and should vote for Hillary Clinton (“Can’t vote for her,” Nov. 2 Letters to the Editor).

How can any religious person vote for a guy with such shocking facts and squat morals? Just start with his sexual violations, infidelity and divorces. Then move through his bankruptcies, not paying income taxes and refusing to release his tax returns. He also publicly disparaged a handicapped person, the family of a fallen U.S. soldier, POWs and veterans, after dodging the draft himself.

He is just not a good person.

Yes, Clinton is the far superior human being. This Catholic happily voted for her.

Jane Byrnes, Wichita

Learn from Bill

Wondering what Hillary Clinton will do as president? Best prediction is to look at what Bill Clinton did after entering the office in 1993.

Ambrose Evans-Pritchard, an English journalist, was in Washington, D.C., at the time. He was initially charmed by the Clintons but soon became very concerned about what he saw happening.

In the introduction to his 1997 book, “The Secret Life of Bill Clinton,” Evan-Pritchard summarized: “Clinton moved with ruthless efficiency” to control “the federal machinery of coercion.” He “fired every U.S. Attorney in the country and then made his move on the FBI.” Clinton “sacked William Sessions in July 1993, the first time … a president had summarily dismissed an FBI director. The putsch passed without protest. This is how a country starts to lose a democracy.”

Several paragraphs later, he stated: “Every year (Clinton) eats a little deeper into the eroded legitimacy of the political order.”

Twenty years later, we’re still seeing those corrosive effects. FBI Director Jame Comey’s failure to prosecute Hillary Clinton, despite massive violations of national security law and bribery, reflects extreme corruption at the core that Bill Clinton practiced and put in place.

This election, we have a choice: Continue that corruption with Hillary Clinton, or elect an independent in Donald Trump.

Richard Nott, Wichita

Retain justices

Vote “yes” to retain the Kansas Supreme Court justices and Court of Appeals judges on the ballot Tuesday. To vote otherwise is to undermine our legal system.

Our justices are appointed rather than elected to distance them from the whims of the citizens and, as much as possible, from the pressures of politics. The justices should be retained for the same reasons. If they are continually looking at the passions of the electorate to ensure their retention in office, they will not be able to decide cases impartially.

We the people do not vote on judicial cases, unless we are on a jury. Even if a case has been decided incorrectly, we must leave it to our courts, through the process of appeals, to correct it. Mob rule, which is always fueled by passions, is not the rule of law. Any country not ruled by law will be unable to protect the rights and freedoms of its citizens

Our justices and judges should be removed only for repeatedly egregious conduct or flagrant abuses of justice. None of the justices up for retention have acted in such ways. The worst that can be said of them is that they have made some unpopular decisions that have been reversed. That is no cause for them to be dismissed.

Allison Lemons, Wichita

What will you do?

We see heartbreaking images on TV of the children being maimed or killed in war-torn countries. We also hear heartbreaking stories of children in this country being physically and sexually abused and killed.

Also heartbreaking: Last year in Kansas 629 babies died by painful dismemberment abortions, also known as partial-birth abortions. This is where metal forceps clinch body parts of an unborn baby, then the baby’s limbs are torn from his/her body. These unborn babies’ hearts had been beating. They feel pain.

If you’re pronounced dead when your heart stops beating, why aren’t you pronounced alive when your heart starts beating? (The fetal heartbeat starts less than three weeks after conception.)

The Kansas Supreme Court will be deciding whether partial-birth abortion will continue in Kansas. Do you really want partial-birth abortions to be kept legal? If not, what will you do in this election?

Kathy Petr, Wichita

O’Donnell helps

Too often in politics people don’t care about trivial issues, but not state Sen. Michael O’Donnell, R-Wichita. In 2013, my son, who was at Larned Correctional Facility, had his Bible stolen.

This Bible was dear to my son, as it was given him by an elderly lady at our church many years ago. My son would use his Bible to witness to other inmates, and you can’t imagine his grief when the Bible was stolen.

I contacted O’Donnell and asked him to help us after an officer told us it would be destroyed. One call from O’Donnell to the Larned warden and the Bible was returned.

O’Donnell is a great Christian man who truly cares about the people he represents. He will receive my vote and my family’s vote on Tuesday, and I encourage everyone in Sedgwick County Commission District 2 to vote for him as well.

Ike Hathaway, Wichita

Need Norton

On the surface, Michael O’Donnell seems like an earnest young man with some new ideas. But then I began receiving the ugly smear mailers against his opponent, Sedgwick County Commissioner Tim Norton. I also read how O’Donnell supports limiting the eligibility of the Women, Infants and Children program, which makes him just a junior version of commissioner Karl Peterjohn, who lost in the primary.

Do we really want four more years of the same steamroller decisions, the refusal to listen to the people, the questionable and short-sighted handling of taxpayer money? Or do we want to use the expert talent available to us?

We have a chance – with Norton, commissioner David Unruh and the winner of the District 3 commission race – to have a County Commission that will concentrate on the needs of our people. Please vote for Tim Norton in District 2. We need his expertise and integrity.

Marilyn Ann Bower, Wichita

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