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Letters on expanding Medicaid, Rogers, wasteful ‘education’ spending

KanCare expansion would make state safer

Wichita Police Chief Gordon Ramsay joined business groups, hospitals and community leaders to talk about the connection between health coverage through KanCare, mental illness and how it impacts law enforcement and the community (Oct. 20 Eagle). Expanding KanCare would help provide care to Kansans suffering from mental illness and substance use disorders (SUD) who come in contact far too regularly with law enforcement as a result of an inability to get care.

Too often police departments and the criminal justice system in Kansas are forced to respond to the needs of Kansans who are mentally ill or suffering from an SUD and cannot get care. Police officers have had to scoop up mentally ill people for committing crimes, which could have been avoided if they had insurance and could afford their prescriptions. Some jails are being forced to house people with mental illness because of inability to provide care in community settings.

We can help address the situation by expanding KanCare, which would provide coverage to tens of thousands of Kansans who have mental illness and substance use issues. Fewer than 14 percent received treatment, largely due to lack of access to affordable care.

Ramsay’s leadership on this issue is good policy and will lead to a safer, healthier and more vibrant community.

David Jordan, Topeka

Executive director, Alliance for a Healthy Kansas

Vote for Rogers

Please vote to protect education and common sense in Kansas with a vote for Lynn Rogers in Kansas Senate District 25.

As a teacher for Wichita public schools, I know Rogers personally. He will stand up to Gov. Sam Brownback. He will advocate for his district and his voters rather than be a rubber stamp for the governor or a political party.

He believes in fairness, smart solutions and listening to people. His opponent has already said he would stay the course with Brownback’s failed economic policy. His opponent also has criminal convictions, including one four years ago.

It’s time for District 25 to have a senator with integrity who will represent the voters. Please vote for Lynn Rogers.

Ron Hobert, Wichita

Waste of money

After reading the article “Does classroom of the future look more like a coffee shop?” (Oct. 6 Eagle) and viewing the photographs, I am glad that I am of the “old school.” What a waste of money.

At home and at school, we were taught discipline, obedience, respect and honor. The main subjects were reading, writing, arithmetic and spelling. Those four things are what you will use most all through life.

School was not a “playhouse,” as pictured. But in these times, anything goes, as long as it can be categorized as “education.”

Consider the money spent on, say, 40-seat buses with one or two kids on it, and the fuel it takes to run 500 buses. I would leave Wichita before I’d send my kids to USD 259.

James “Pete” Peterson, Wichita

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