Kayakers on Ark River become second water rescue by Hutchinson firefighter in a week

A pair of kayakers on the Arkansas River in Hutchinson became the second group of people to be rescued by firefighters in a week.

Emergency crews rescued two people after they became displaced from their kayaks after entering the river at the Fourth Street bridge, the Hutchinson Fire Department said Saturday in a Facebook post.

“Approximately a half mile down, some tree debris in the river was present,” the fire department said. “The kayakers became dislodged from their kayaks. One of the individuals was able to grasp an overhead branch and return to the bank. The other member of the pair was able to hold onto the branch until Engine 5 crew members made contact.”

Firefighters then helped that person to the riverbank before a boat was deployed in the river, which took the rescued kayakers back to their vehicle. Both of the kayakers were wearing life jackets.

Last Sunday, firefighters rescued three people who went tubing on the river without life jackets. A fourth member of the group made it to dry land on his or her own.

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