Hutchinson firefighters rescue three who went tubing on Ark River without life jackets

Four people made it to dry land — three with the help of Hutchinson firefighters — after going tubing on the Arkansas River without life jackets.

The Hutchinson Fire Department said in a Sunday evening Facebook post that firefighters rescued three people from the water after becoming stranded.

“(Two) were displaced from their tubes shortly after entry,” the department said. “The citizens entered at the 4th St river bridge and two of the four in the group became hung up close to the east bank. The two additional tubers went further down the river before one was able to access the bank while the other became stranded as well.”

Reno County Sheriff’s Office deputies were the first to arrive, but they were unable to free the three people from the river. None of the three had life vests. The fire department then deployed a boat under the K-96 bridge and floated upstream to where the trio was stranded. Once they were taken to shore, paramedics determined they were not injured.

“The fire department would like to remind all citizens entering bodies of water to wear life jackets as this incident had the potential for a negative outcome,” the Facebook post said.