Special Reports

George Tiller timeline

 June 9, 1986 -- A pipe bomb explodes at Tiller's clinic, Women's Health Care Services, blowing a hole in the outside wall and severely damaging the interior. The bomb detonates overnight and no one is injured. The clinic suffers more than $70,000 in damages. No arrests have been made in the case.

 Summer 1991-- Thousands of demonstrators from around the country descend on Wichita to protest at the city's abortion clinics during what organizers dub the "Summer of Mercy." The protesters blockade the entrance to Tiller's clinic, leading to more than 2,500 arrests over the course of the 46-day protest.

 Nov. 1, 1998 -- Tiller's clinic receives a letter threatening to contaminate workers with the deadly biological agent anthrax. Letters are received at five other clinics in Indiana, Kentucky and Tennessee, but the FBI determines all the letters to be hoaxes.

 Summer 2001-- Ten years after the "Summer of Mercy," demonstrators return to Wichita to continue protests at Tiller's clinics. Called the "Summer of Mercy Renewal," the protests last a week and result in two arrests.

 Aug. 19, 1993 -- Tiller is shot in both arms while driving out of his clinic's parking lot. Rachelle "Shelley" Shannon is convicted of the shooting and sentenced to 11 years in prison in 1994. Shannon is sentenced to an additional 20 years for her involvement in arson attacks against clinics in California, Nevada and Oregon.

 Aug. 1, 2006 -- A Sedgwick County grand jury finds no criminal conduct relating to the death of a 19-year-old Texas woman who died in January 2005 after she received an abortion at Tiller's clinic. An autopsy finds that Christin Gilbert died of complications from the abortion, but Tiller is cleared of wrongdoing by the Kansas Board of Healing Arts in December 2005. The anti-abortion group Operation Rescue gathers more than 7,700 signatures petitioning for a grand jury investigation, but the grand jury is dismissed without returning an indictment.

 March 27, 2009 -- Tiller is acquitted of charges that he performed 19 illegal late-term abortions in 2003. Tiller is accused of having an improper financial relationship with Kristin Neuhaus, a Lawrence doctor who provides a second opinion in the 19 cases.