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Police: Man gunned down after firing shot at house near 13th, Hillside (+video)

Dorce Pittman fired a shot into the house where his ex-girlfriend was staying, then took off running down the street.

He didn’t get far, police said, before someone fired several shots in response Monday afternoon. One of the shots hit Pittman in the head, and he collapsed and died in the middle of 14th Street.

“Several witnesses had seen him running,” Lt. Todd Ojile said Tuesday of Pittman, but no one saw who fired the shot that killed him.

Police gave this account:

Pittman, 42, went to the house in the 1400 block of North Lorraine shortly before 3:30 p.m. on Monday to confront his ex-girlfriend. She had been staying at that house since they argued on Saturday. The woman refused to come outside, however, so Pittman fired a shot that struck the back wall of the house.

He then ran east on 14th before he was gunned down between Lorraine and Hillside, Ojile said. Investigators have no idea at this stage where the fatal shot came from.

The ex-girlfriend and another man were inside the house on Lorraine when Pittman arrived, Ojile said.

“Right now, we have no evidence that either one of them returned any fire,” he said.

Investigators shut down 14th between Lorraine and Hillside and Hillside from 13th to 15th as they worked the shooting scene. Hillside was reopened after a short time, Capt. Jeff Weible said.

Police have no suspects and no people of interest yet in the case, Ojile said.

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