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Wichita YouTuber felt guilty for speeding in Lamborghini, so he added donation to ticket

A famous YouTuber from Wichita who makes videos about cars was caught speeding in a Lamborghini and matched the cost of his ticket with a donation to a local law enforcement foundation.

Tyler Hoover, who runs popular YouTube channel “Hoovie’s Garage,” said in a video posted Friday that he was pulled over by a deputy with the Sedgwick County Sheriff’s Office. He was caught speeding in a new Lamborghini and didn’t have his license and insurance with him.

He said he matched the cost of his ticket with a donation to the Honore Adversis Foundation, a nonprofit that provides financial assistance to families of law enforcement officers seriously injured or killed in the line of duty in Sedgwick County. Hoover did not say the cost of his ticket.

“I still feel guilty. I don’t like speeding, I’m not much of a speeder, and I’m really guilty, not just because I got caught,” Hoover said in the video. “So I don’t blame the officer at all for giving me a ticket, I was definitely speeding. And since I feel guilty about it, I matched my ticket fee with a donation to the ... I was pulled over by a Sedgwick County deputy, and last year one of those deputies was killed in the line of duty, shot and killed.”

Hoover was referring to Deputy Robert Kunze III, who died Sept. 16 in a shootout that also left his attacker dead.

“These police officers putting their lives on the line every day, they don’t know who they’re stopping and what’s going to happen every time,” Hoover said. “Even though seeing a guy in a Lamborghini is probably a pretty attractive prospect, I don’t think they enjoy the ticket part of their day, I think they actually do primarily want to help people, so I do feel bad about wasting their time when I do something stupid like speeding.”

The Sedgwick County Sheriff’s Office shared the video on Facebook and Twitter.

“We greatly appreciate kind words about our deputies and the support given to a great organization!” the sheriff’s office said. “Remember slow down and drive safely!”

Hoover said he had bought the car in Colorado two days before being pulled over in rural Sedgwick County. It had less than 5,000 miles on it at the time he filmed the video.

Hoovie’s Garage,” the YouTube channel, has over 700,000 subscribers. Hoover stores his cars, known as the “Hooptie Fleet,” at a barn in Andover. And he is also the star of a new prime-time show, “Car Issues,” on the FYI Network.

He said that he traded in a 2012 McLaren MP4-12C for the Lamborghini Gallardo in part because he enjoyed the slower acceleration.

“I might be the first person in history to buy a Lamborghini because I wanted something slower so I didn’t get as many speeding tickets, but within 48 hours of owning this Lamborghini I got a ticket,” Hoover said.

Though Hoover did not say his speed, he did say drivers on the interstate travel faster than he was going. The speed limit on I-135 is posted as high as 75 mph in rural areas of Sedgwick County.

In the video, the deputy suggested taking the car to a racetrack.

“I’m out in the middle of nowhere, totally in the middle of nowhere, in my last video, just surrounded by farmland, and I honestly have no idea how fast I’m going because I’m looking ahead, I’m not looking at my speedometer,” Hoover said in the video. “And there’s nothing, just farmland, to really give me a reference for speed, how fast things are going by. I only checked my speedometer when I noticed behind a minivan was a county sheriff’s patrol car.

“Unfortunately the officer didn’t have any kind of sense of humor. He was very professional, he answered all of my questions very courteously and professionally, but he didn’t like my story very much about changing into old man pants and not having my wallet.”

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